Korea Beauty and Skincare Loot

To those privy to me, you all know how much I love BB creams and other beauty-related stuff. I hoard cosmetics for display. Yes, I don’t use them, I only love looking at their fancy and cutie packaging and, that’s all. Haha! When you open my drawer, you’ll see tubes of new lipsticks in a box and unused blush-ons, face powder, bb creams, cc creams, etc. With that said, you may now think that I’m a crazy momma spending on unnecessary things. But, honestly, this makes me happy. Shallow but true. I work hard, if I’ll sum it up I have three part-time jobs not to mention my work as a mom so I deserve a little treat from time to time.

When I found out that my good friend, Rochelle of rochellerivera.com, will celebrate her birthday in Korea, I didn’t hesitate to ask her to look for my sought-after bb cream that’s no longer available in our beauty counters here in the country. It’s one of those that I really use and not part of the displays. =) I actually emptied one bottle of it and when I was about to purchase for another one, I learned that it’s already phased-out here and replaced with a different product. Luckily, Rochelle obliged to look for it in Korea and even gave me “pasalubong” from her recent trip. ¬†Thank God for true, awesome and generous friends.

Here’s my loot:


1. Etude House Precious Mineral BBdation. This is my holy-grail bb cream because it blends perfectly on my skin plus it has SPF 40. The special kit comes with a Revolutionary Applicator. I’ll make a review of these products soon.

2. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21
Rochelle’s Pasalubong for me:

3. Etude House Hello Kitty Tender Powder Eau De Toilette

4.  MISSHA Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream (trial pack)

5. The Original Mask Snail

6. Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask

7. Lotte Biscuit that tastes like Chips Ahoy though a bit sweeter.

8. Cutie violet coated pen accentuated with a butterfly on top which Keisha really loved.


If you’re wondering how much I spent for the two BB Creams and the applicator it’s only P2100.00. Cheaper compared to the actual price of these in our malls here.

Thank you my dear sis Rochelle! You truly made me extremely happy for finding the BBdation set that I really love.

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