Massimo Bonini PH: Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

To those who are head over heels in scoring elegant, chic and unique luxurious shoes and bags, let me introduce to you a multi-brand concept founded by Massimo and Sabrina in Italy 20 years ago. Massimo Bonini is a retail multi-brand boutique that carries a manifold of luxury designer footwear, bags and accessories where fashion enthusiasts can conveniently choose and shop for their desired style over a spread of elegant and high-class brands.

Massimo Bonini PH(Photo by: Shuttercount Photography)

Its first showroom in 1980s in Milan was a huge success making way for its expansion in Asia particularly in Causeway Bay, Hongkong last June 2011 followed by the opening of the Marina Bay Sands mall boutique in September of 2012. I came across these stores myself during my recent trip with my family almost a year ago in Hongkong and Singapore.

Knowing the sophisticated and elegant brands carried by Massimo Bonini like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Giambattista Valli, McQ, Azzura Gronchi, BB Washed, Ernesto Esposito by Ernesto Esposito, Campanille, Etro, Gedebe, Henderson, Kalliste, Kartell, N21, Sebastian and Stephen Venezia, I was more than ecstatic when I received an invite from them for the launch of their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection at their first ever boutique in the Philippines located at the Mid-Level of the Shangri-la Plaza East Wing.

Massimo Bonini Ph Versace

The Versace collection is the cornerstone of new arrivals in store. For its Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Versace focuses on gold, blue and black that highlights and celebrates individuality and freedom.

Massimo Bonini Ph Versace

The Versace Fall Winter 2014 Collection draws its inspiration in allowing the wearer to be whoever they want to be. For this season, the Versace woman is sensual, feminine, provocative and proud; while the mean are free, liberated, provocative and unafraid. — Donatella Versace

Aside from the Versace collection, there are also other brands that are first to arrive for Fall/Winter 2014 like women’s footwear by Ernesto Esposito, women’s bags by sought after Design Inverso and Azzura Gronchi, men and women’s collection by Etro, men and women’s footwear and bags by MSGM and the much anticipated men’s footwear collection by BB Washed, Henderson, Campanille and J. Holbens.

Massimo Bonini Ph

Massimo Bonini Ph
Massimo Bonini Ph

Massimo Bonini Ph ETRO

From formal to casual look, Massimo Bonini has a wide array of footwear collection perfect for different occasions for men.

massimo bonini 13

massimo bonini 12
massimo bonini 10
massimo bonini 8
massimo bonini 7

massimo bonini ph 4Kartell

My top picks from the collection:

massimo bonini ph 3
Kartell Massimo Bonini PHKartell

massimo bonini 14Gedebe

Massimo Bonini4(Photo by: Shuttercount Photography)

Massimo Bonini5(Photo by: Shuttercount Photography)

Massimo Bonini6(Photo by: Shuttercount Photography)

Massimo Bonini is indeed a paradise for shoe and bag enthusiasts. Be effortlessly glamorous, chic, sophisticated and elegantly eye-catching with their women’s footwear collection not to mention the intricate and class details of their bags and clutches that will definitely give you a standout look among the crowd. With the top of the line quality and style of products that Massimo Bonini offers, you are sure to get the best value for the price tag.

So what are you waiting for, visit Masimo Bonini at the Mid-Level of Shangri-la Plaza East Wing today.

Follow them on Instagram: @massimoboniniph

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