Sige Moms Get Engaged In Their Children’s Learning, Playtime

Mothers know what is best for their children, but sometimes, they tend to hover over their kids and discourage them from engaging in activities that cause mess and disarray. As creative play is the natural means for children to educate themselves, it is important for moms to allow their little ones to be kids and boost their intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

Breeze, the country’s leading detergent brand, is empowering moms to help their kids reach their full potential through the Sige Moms campaign. This involves saying yes to learning, discoveries, and adventure, even if it means getting dirty or having stained clothes. To help children achieve holistic growth and development, the brand strongly believes that Sige Moms should be involved and engaged in their kids’ lives, while allowing them to discover things on their own.

Gurufirm Corporation Child Development expert Tanya Velasco, who is also Breeze’s resident Sige Guru, said that children flourish when they are free to create, imagine and explore during play. “As a Sige Mom, you have to let your child be,” she said. “Give them the opportunity to play.  The best playthings are the ones that you don’t buy, so let them play with sand, dirt, water, blocks, recyclable items and other materials.”

The rewards of being a Sige Mom

While some moms do not allow their young girls to engage in active play, Isabel Rondares encouraged her daughter Pam, now 17, to run around, climb trees and ride her bike. “She would fall and get bruised or scratched sometimes, but that taught her to be a sport and self-reliant,” Isabel said. “I would watch over her as she played, but made sure not to hover. I think that helped her grow up into a confident, independent young lady.”

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No matter how busy she gets at work, Sige Mom Sweet Navero makes it a point to prioritize playing, exploring and having fun with her kids Alexis and Benice.

Sweet Navero said that as a working mom, she makes sure to devote enough time for her kids Alexis and Benice. “Time passes by so quickly. One moment, you’re running after them and the next, you’re sending them off to college,” Sweet said. “I want to make the most out of my kids’ childhood, a chance for us to learn and form special memories together, even if it means getting our clothes soiled.”

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For Malou Escalona, being a Sige Mom means giving her daughters Audrey and Julia the freedom to try new things and take on new adventures.

Malou Escalona said she wants her daughters Audrey and Julia to enjoy their childhood as much as she did when she was young. “Kids today don’t play outside as much as they used do. It’s up to parents like me to encourage my girls to engage in jump rope, chase each other in the garden and enjoy other sporty activities.”

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