Little Girl Shorts To Wear Under Skirts

Little girls love to play dress up at home, but they also enjoy wearing skirts and dresses to church, school and family gatherings. However, parents are always concerned that their child’s undergarment may show while playing, running or sitting. Wearing bloomer shorts underneath their clothes removes that worry.

What Are Bloomer Shorts

Bloomer shorts are different from regular short pants. They are designed to wear under skirts, dresses and school uniform skirts without feeling or looking bulky. Made from breathable cotton, some spandex and an elastic waist, this comfortable clothing can also be worn over tights. This item is machine washable and durable and is commonly grown out of instead of worn out.

Size And Color For Every Outfit

This affordable accessory is available in various sizes for girls between the ages of three and twelve. The basic colors of black, white, brown, gray, navy and red are offered to go with any outfit. There are also fun colors like pink, yellow, lilac, light blue, purple and polka dot patterns.

Companies like Sparkle Farms make these soft bloomer shorts for young girls. They do not show under clothing and allow easy movement whether it is running and jumping on the playground or climbing the equipment.


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