A Delightful Valentine Only at Max’s Restaurant

Filipinos are known to be romantic. We normally take the extra mile to show our loved ones how much we value their presence in our lives. And, in this Valentine season, I know most of you are thinking of countless and unique ways on how you can surprise and show your affection to your special someone.

This love month, the global Filipino brand, Max’s Restaurant is introducing its delectable Valentine offering. Max’s sets the romantic mood with the “Meal For Two”. It’s an intimate all-day feast perfect for couples who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day while enjoying the classic dishes of Max’s.

Max’s Meal For Two includes regular half serving of Max’s sarap to the bones Fried Chicken complemented by a savory choice of of Sizzling Tofu or Adobong Kangkong, steaming white rice, two glasses of iced tea or any Pepsi softdrink.

Max's Meal For Two
Max’s sarap to the bones Fried Chicken

“Valentine’s Day is such a special occasion for Filipinos. It is during this season that we really go out of our way to show our appreciation for our loved ones. Max’s understands this endearing tradition very well. It inspired us to create the most romantic opportunities for our customers to celebrate Valentine’s,” shared Orlando Villanueva, Max’s Restaurant’s Marketing Manager for Dine-In, Take Out, Delivery, and E-Commerce.

Max’s Restaurant: Sizzling Tofu
Max's Restaurant
Max’s Restaurant: Adobong Kangkong

This hearty meal is sweetly capped off with delicious Buko Pandan. Sharing an intimate meal with a loved one doesn’t need to be hefty on the pocket too.

Here’s the good news: Max’s Meal for Two is only priced at PhP529, or with as much as PhP 191 savings for customers and is available until February 28.

Max’s Corner Bakery
For sweet treats, Max’s Corner Bakery is offering delectable cookies – Love Letter Cookies and Love Bird Cookies.

Love Letter Cookies and Love Birds Cookies

They also have 2 butter cakes:

– White Chocolate Butter Cake which is light and fluffy butter cake garnished with milky white chocolate shavings and topped with rich whipped cream and cherry

– Choco Peanut Butter Cake, a rich and moist chocolate cake, filled with premium peanut butter icing and coated with delicious chocolate frosting

White Chocolate Butter Cake and Choco Peanut Butter Cake

If you are looking for a delightful Valentine dinner date, you may visit Max’s restaurant and catch Max’s Meal for Two and Max’s Corner Bakery’s sweet treats anywhere in the Philippines for the entire month of February, available for dine-in, take-out and delivery. Visit your favorite Max’s branch and create the most romantic Valentine celebration for your special loved one.

Max's RestaurantThank you Max’s Restaurant for making me part of this. I truly had fun!

Learn more about what’s new at Max’s:

W: www.maxschicken.com
FB: www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant


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