Push Your Limits At Fitness First

As a mom and a career woman juggling diverse roles on a daily basis, I am expected to be always at my tip-top shape. Being sick and inactive should be the least thing on my books. That’s why, I really take extra good care of myself by eating a healthy balanced diet, staying away not only from junk food but also from junk lifestyle. Though, time is of the essence for a busy mom like me, I still try my best to squeeze in 30-minute workout that can help me to be physically fit and boost my inner strength.

fitness first push your limitsI was ecstatic when I received an invite from Fitness First in their event tagged as Push Your Limits that took place at Bonifacio Global City. Finally, I’ll have the chance to at least broaden my knowledge on how to do proper workouts and how to incorporate exercises in my daily tasks. It’s not a secret that you need not to have expensive workout machines to be physically fit, bottles or containers of water can pass as an exercise tool.

fitness first push your limitsThe event place was divided into four fitness areas to test one’ strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and agility. Here’s the cache, we were asked to participate even though, we were not in our gym attire as Fitness First wants us to realize that we can still exercise while wearing our casual clothes. Outfit should never be a hindrance as long as you have the will to achieve your desired goal.

fitness first push your limitsTo test one’s flexibility, participants were asked to do Vinyasa poses. I’m not quite sure if this is the same as yoga, but to me, it looks exactly like it. Aside from the mental and physical benefits Vinyasa gives, the movements significantly improves one’s flexibility.

fitness first push your limitsTo improve one’s strength, participant was asked to flip the tire using his entire body. The movement of your body should be balanced so as to avoid back pain.

fitness first push your limitsFor speed and agility, participants were tasked to complete the T-test and agility ladder drills thus, improving one’s footwork.

fitness first push your limitsHere’s a proof that you can workout wearing your casual clothes and using non-gym equipment as weights. We were asked to lift shopping bags which weight progressively increased after every interval. This was done to improve one’s endurance. And, yes, this was hard especially that I’m wearing my Aldo slip-on wedge but, I managed and survived this challenge.

Fitness First highly encouraged everyone to push their limits and be as fit as they can be. There should be no hindrance in getting your desired fit and healthy body. The best thing of all, you should incorporate a fun and healthy atmosphere when working out.
To know more about this, you may visit any Fitness First branch or navigate to their website at www.fitnessfirst.com.ph.

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