#MeAndMyAvene: Eau Thermale Avene Launch In The Philippines

Avene was the brand of toner that my dermatologist highly-recommended to me way back. That’s why I was extremely excited when I received an invite from the brand itself. Finally, I’ll have the chance to know Avene’s other products, aside from the cleanance toner, that I only get to purchase from my derma before.

As expected, we were greeted by a wide selection of Avene products displayed at the venue. They have varieties of medically proven skin care products that will help treat, heal and repair different skin sensitivities.

avene productsEau Thermale Avene has a diverse product line catering to different skin types – hypersensitive, oily, normal to combination and for dry skin.
avene products 1They have make-up removers like micellar lotion and gentle milk cleanser, essentials and whitening products that are medically proven to lighten and protect your skin in 30 days of continuous use.
avene products 4 Avene also has an anti-aging range named Eluage. With continuous use of this product line, wrinkles visibly fade and skin becomes firmer. And, to all those who love to stay under the sun, protect your skin with Avene Suncare range with SPF 50 to prevent melasma, skin cancer and premature aging.

avene products 5And, Avene’s well-known product – Avene Thermal Spring Water.

Here’s a brief background on the history of Avene…

Avene is actually a small village in the south of France. In the year 1736, a horse with skin rash belonging to Marquis de Rocozels was allowed to run free for fear of possible contagion. The horse drank the spring water at the foot of the black mountain. The horse rolled itself daily in a pond fed by the same spring – Saint Odile Spring. Surprisingly, the horse was seen to have recovered its shiny hair and was soon completely cured.

avene franceDoctors in the surrounding regions then advised their patients to use warm Avene thermal spring water for their skin disorders in the “thermal establishment founded in 1743”. Avene thermal spring water’s fame reach the French frontiers and was successfully used to treat the wounds of the victims of the Chicago fire.

It was in 1975 when Pierre Fabre, pharmacist and industrialist at Castres, acquired the property. Clinical and pharmacoclinical evaluation of the Avene thermal spring water was made and the dermatological specificity of Avene was then recognized.

The station was restored and was inaugurated in 1990, equipped with a modern hydrotherapy care center using state-of-the-art hydrotherapy equipment with the best medical monitoring. At the end of 1989, a production plant for cosmetic containing Avene water was built and inaugurated.

avene hydrotherapy centerThe old hydrotherapy center has been replaced by an ultramodern new establishment in 2004 that can accommodate up to 800 patients per day.

avene products 8The focus of the discussion during the event was about the history of Avene and its famous product the thermal spring water.

avene products 2Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water is a naturally active soothing source for sensitive skin that soothes and softens skin, helps minimize skin sensitivity and provides anti-oxidant protection. This is actually an active ingredient in all of the products of Avene including the sunscreen.

me and my avene#MeAndMyAvene

Thank you Avene Philippines for making me part of the launch! I am very excited to try the Thermal Spring Water plus the sunscreen. Review of Avene’s products will be posted soon…

Avene is available in select Watsons and Mercury Drug outlets  nationwide.

To know more about Avene, you may visit the following:
W: http://www.eau-thermale-avene.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/AvenePhilippines

What about you lovelies, have you tried Avene’s products? Share with me your thoughts on the comments section below.


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