Jollibee Honors Moms This Mother’s Day With “Da Best ANg Nanay Ko!” Video

This coming Sunday, May 10, 2015, is the celebration of Mother’s Day. A special moment to honor and pay tribute to our mom’s genuine and selfless love for us from the moment we were conceived, to our infancy and teenage years up to this very day that we’re all grown-ups. The pain they endured when we were born, the sleepless nights when we’re sick, the patience when we start to throw unending questions, the understanding they’ve shown when we’re hard-headed, the compassionate love they unconsciously shower us, the hard-work they exerted to raise us and give us beautiful and comfortable life, and their magical touch to uplift our spirits each time we fall, these are all priceless acts of love from our moms that they generously give to us all this time.

mamaThey hold the best job title in the world called “mom, mama, mother, mommy, nanay, inay” with multiple job descriptions  – a caregiver, lover, teacher, driver, etc.. and, they love us whole-heartedly. We can never repay them for giving us our lives and for nurturing our individuality. But, with our own little efforts we can shower them with so much affection and appreciation.

I chanced upon this video made by my family’s favorite fast-food brand, Jollibee, online and the concept made me really smile and reminisced those funny and irritating moments I had with my mom. I actually made a  separate blogpost for that, you may read it HERE.

Here is the video entitled “Da Best Ang Nanay Ko!”, it’s a must-watch since it’s funny and heartwarming, I’m sure you can all relate as much as I do.

The video is a mirror of all Filipino moms, who’s very loving, caring, understanding and concerned for her child. It shows how moms can play so many roles in our life from being an affectionate mother, to bestfriend, to a good adviser, concerned friend and all. Yes, they are sometimes lovingly annoying most especially, when they always have a say and comment on what we do. But overall, they just love us dearly that they want to give us the best. I guess they act like that, simply because they want to be acknowledged and to still matter and be present in our busy lives now that we’re already grown-ups.

mother's day jbeeI also love the reactions of the sons in this video, as it clearly implied that they have full respect for their moms. They actually looked a bit irritated in a cute in sweet way. Just like me. Haha! My mom is completely the same as the moms portrayed in that video. She’s all that honest, “makulit”, funny, very loving and had a big say when it comes to my suitors way back. That’s why this video is a big hit to me and I’m quite sure with all of you too!
This Mother’s Day, let’s all treat our moms to Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. It’s now made #Affordelicious with its price rollback so you can actually treat the whole family.

jollibee chicken spagI hope this Sunday, no matter how busy we may be, let’s spend time with our moms and let them feel how much we love, appreciate and value their presence in our lives. After all, we weren’t here without them.

Happy Mother’s Day to my dear supermom, Mama, and to all the wonderful and beautiful mommies all over the world!
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