Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp 2015: Highly-Recommended Workshop For Kids

I am always in the look-out of kid-friendly activities and workshops that will contribute to the holistic development of my daughter. As a mom, it’s my purpose to help her discover her strengths, nourish her God-given inner gifts and help her in her areas of difficulty. I want to raise a child who’s confident enough to face the world, secured of her personality, armed with good values and, definitely God-fearing. Aside from being brain-smart, I also want her to be people and body smart. That’s why I always patiently research for extra-curricular activities that can boost her confidence and self-esteem. But, before I enroll her to any workshop, I have one rule. I always ask for her approval first. I give her a glimpse of the concept of the activity, what she’ll do and learn. From there, we both decide. Of course, I choose activities where learning is fun as kids learn best when they are enjoying what they do.

That’s why when I received an invite to join the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp, I immediately informed and asked Keisha if she wants to take part. As always, after hearing the magic word “Jollibee”, she answered with a giddy face “YES! Come on, let’s go mom!”.

jkc talent campKeisha with her new friends Elijah of Mommy Rochelle ( and Ren of Mommy Levy (

Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp is a 2-hour, six-day social skills workshop where kids will learn to sing, dance, act, do arts and crafts and make burgers. The 2 hour is packed with different activities that will boost the confidence of kids through creative learning in a fun-filled setting. Various activities are presented daily with the objective to teach kids creativity, uniqueness, cooperation and unity. The workshop culminates in a graduation ceremony on the 6th day where kids will get to shine and show the skills they learned.

Here’s a summary of the 6-day JKC Talent Camp that Keisha attended at Jollibee Las Piñas:

Day 1:

Kids were welcomed by the trained facilitator, Kuya Shahein with his assistant, Ate Kate. The “Dito Masaya” song was played while kids were creatively doing their own name tags. The camp rules were also presented and explained to the kids such as be on time, speak your turn, give 100% of yourself and be safe.

JKC Talent Camp Name Tag MakingFirst activity of the day: make your own name plate. The materials were provided in the camp.
Look at the happy face of my little girl.  It was a breeze to wake her up in the morning since she was too excited to join the camp.

JKC Talent Camp SaggidyHere are the little campers wearing their uniforms. It’s a must for kids to be in uniforms during the camp.

After Kuys Shahein introduced himself and  Ate Kate, kids were asked to introduce themselves. They followed a certain beat which was 13 claps, then the kid will state her name to be echoed by others. After that, they were taught Saggidy Sa Popo as an introduction for the dance steps for the “Dito Masaya” song. They bounced, marched and incorporated the steps with music.

Here’s a copy of the lyrics of the JKC Talent Camp song, Dito Masaya:

Dito Masaya LyricsAfterwards, they had another activity which was “Paint Me  A Picture”. They were grouped into three and a keyword was given to them which they had to envision how it looks like. This activity taught them how to cooperate with their teammates and work as one.JKC Talent Camp Day 1 Paint Me A PictureThe 5th activity of the day was the Story Spine. They all seated on the floor in a circular position. Kuya Shahein gave the introduction of the story. Then kids were tasked to continue the story line following what their seatmate said. This ignited their creativity and imagination.

JKC Talent CampThis photo is blurred but I love the smiling faces of the kids. This explicitly shows how much fun they had on their first day.

Day 1 concluded with a sing and dance to the tune of “Dito Masaya”. It was a surprise that kids learned right away the dance steps. Just in time for lunch time, Jollibee meal was served to the kids.

Day 2:

The workshop commenced with the “Dito Masaya” song and dance number followed by the Saggidy Sa Popo where they introduced everyone with 13 beats interval.
JKC Talent Camp day 2 collageThey were divided into groups for the role playing. A scenario was presented to them that they had to act out as a group. Keisha was part of the group 4 and was assigned the story “Si lolo at lola na nagpapahinga sa kwarto, nakatanggap ng tawag para kumain sa labas kasama ang mga apo.” But, before unleashing their acting skills, they made a storyboard first. This activity taught them how to be cooperative and work harmoniously as a team.

JKC Talent Camp Story BoardTowards the end of the session, another sheet of paper was given to them. This time, they had to do a storyboard about a friend individually.
JKC Talent Camp Story Board about a friend
Here is Keisha’s work:
JKC Talent Camp Storyboard About A FriendDay 2 of the camp ended with the “Dito Masaya” song and dance practice.

Day 3:

On the third day, after the welcome song and dance number and Sagiddy Sa Popo, they finally executed the storyboard they created. They acted out the story and had their own characters which they played really well. I noticed that they were serious and at the same time they were having lots of fun.

My little girl who played the “lola” was really having so much fun as evidenced in this video while Kuya Jed (son of Jen Aspacio of seriously embraced his role as “lolo”. Great job Jed!

They were also taught to make musical instruments using plastic cups, paper clips, rubber bands, monggo beans, rice and cardboard paper.
JKC Talent Camp day 3 ShakerAll eyes to Kuya Shahein as he demonstrated how to make a shaker. Keisha put monggo beans, rice and paper clips inside the plastic cups then covered it with a cardboard paper and tied with rubber bands.

Day 4:

On the fourth day, they still had the usual opening of sing and dance number then with 13 beats they proceeded with their role-playing. A new activity was then introduced which is the invitation making. The invitation is for the parents for them to attend the graduation day.
Day 4 JKC Talent CampWho would say no to this little one?

Day 5:

Day 5 was all about practice for the talent campers’ culminating performance on graduation day. Aside from that, the highly anticipated part of the camp happened that day which was the burger making. But, before that, kids were also toured inside Jollibee and were taught how to properly wash their hands.

JKC Day 5Jollibee tour and proper hand washing tutorial
Day 5 Burger MakingMaking her own Jollibee Yumburger

Kuya Shahein also conducted games and gave away prizes. And, there I witnessed the competitive side of my daughter. Luckily, she won in two games and took home prizes.

Day 6:

JKC Talent Camp Graduation Day

JKC Graduation DayMy JKC Talent Camp graduate =)

JKC Graduation Day 2To all the moms and dads out there, I highly recommend this fun-filled workshop for the kids as they creatively learn new things in a super fun and interactive phase plus they get the chance to showcase and enhance their talents in singing, acting, dancing and in the arts. Aside from these, their interpersonal skills will also be refined as they socialize and play along with the other kids.

jollibee kids club summer campJKC Talent Camp registration fee is only P500.00 for 6 days and that includes the uniform and snacks so you really get the value for your money. For those who opt to reuse their 2014 Talent Camp uniform, registration fee is only P200.00, snacks included. Just imagine how “sulit” this workshop is. Your kids learn and enjoy, they get t-shirt and cap plus they have their daily dose of their favorite langhap-sarap meals. What more can you ask for?

Meal stubJKC Talent Camp Meal Stub

JKC Graduation Day 3I can’t wait to enroll my daughter again next year. Thank you Jollibee!

For more information on how to be a Jollibee Kids Club member, you may visit the following:
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