My Mom’s Funny And Endearing Moments

Mom and MeI grew up  feeling so loved, guarded and well taken cared of by my mom. There was no instance in my life that I felt alone since I was cradled by my mom’s genuine and unconditional love the moment I was born up to now that I have a family of my own. Being the only girl and the eldest in the brood of four, I got more of my mom’s attention and love. Through my ups and downs, victories and failures, joys and sorrows, I always counted on her presence and guidance. She’s my rock, my best friend, my confidant, my first teacher, my stylist, my number 1 fan and my worst critic. She comprised most of my humanity  that almost all the things that I do are subject to her approval. Yes, her opinion matters to me a lot and I really try my best to obey and follow her will. And, now that Mother’s Day is coming, I would like the world to know how lucky I am to have an endearing yet funny mom.

MamaMama’s 50th Birthday (Feb. 9, 2013)

Since I have stated earlier her loveable side let me share with you some of her funny antics that made me feel sort of embarrassed at times:

1. During my Kindergarten graduation, I received a special award. She was so proud of me and almost cried while on stage pinning my ribbon. To my surprise, she wasn’t listening to the emcee and unaware of what my award was. All along she thought I got an academic excellence award only to find out that I received the Well-Groomed ribbon. Haha!

2. When I was young, we oftentimes go to malls in Cubao to unwind. She’s fond of dressing me up like a doll complete with hairbows, leggings and doll shoes. Just imagine how I dress up Keisha now, that’s how she styled me way back. On our way to Cubao, inside the jeepney, she laughed so hard when she found out that she forgot to put my undies. Poor me for having a forgetful mom.

3. Every first day of academic school year, she brings me to school and make friends with my classmates. She’ll build me up with nice words as if I’m the most beautiful and perfect creature on earth. The moment she starts to be so proud of me, I start to feel uneasy and shy.

4. She introduces me to her friends as her baby up to now. She’ll even call me baby girl or Barbie.

5. There were instances when she compromised me to host a debut party, wedding and a pageant in our municipality because according to her I’m a great host/emcee in events. I was too embarrassed to be pushed to host events but since my mom wanted it I had to be present and do the job. Maybe, she’s just happy to see me up on stage.

6. She has an eye for style. Most of my outfits are chosen by her, even Keisha’s gowns now are designed and made by my mom. But, there’s this one outfit she insisted me to wear during my JS prom that I really don’t like. Until now, I feel shy that I wore that. And, speaking of JS prom, she chaperoned and waited for me at the guardhouse during the party.

7. We had lunch in a restaurant, the waiter asked for her order, she said in a loud voice “iced tea yung bottoms-up ha!” haha!

8. She opts to use a jurassic phone with super loud ring tone that even your neighbor will hear when someone texts or calls her.

9. She sleeps almost everywhere with her mouth opened unmindful of the people around her. The most recent was during Keisha’s graduation held last March. I’m trying to find her photo but I can’t locate it in my hard drive.

Mama and Kaye 2My mom is indeed strict yet super funny. I am sometimes embarrassed with the things she does but, overall, I love all her funny and quirky antics as all of these make her unique and special.

This mother’s day, I am planning to give her a special gift and treat her to her favorite, Jollibee. I know how much she loves the langhap-sarap taste of Jollibee Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti. And, here’s the great news, Jollibee Chickenjoy is now made more affordable with its price roll back. Jollibee’s 1-piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti SOLO is now priced at P99 from P117 and the 1-piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal is now P109 from P122. Big savings right?

I’m quite sure my mom will be so excited with this. Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

weddingHow about you lovelies, what’s your plan for Mother’s Day? Do you also have funny moments with your moms? Share with me your mom’s embarrassing yet endearing stories at the comment section below.


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