What’s New: Jack ‘n Jill Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka Flavor

Hello lovelies! How’s your day so far?

chik n skin ni mang juanToday, let me share with you my family’s newest favorite snack that we’ve been munching the past few days.

chik n skin ni mang juan 5 My all-time favorite, Jack ‘n Jill, recently released Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka Flavor. This perfectly combines the flavor of most Filipino’s favorite fried chicken skin with the sour and spicy punch of vinegar.

chik n skin ni mang juanI’m a proud Pinoy sa puso, sa salita at sa merienda!

I was totally curious about the taste of this newest offering from Jack’n Jill. Initially, I wanted to know if it will deliver the taste it promised to their Filipino consumers. I also liked to find out, if it’s something worth to be included in my weekly grocery cart. You know what I mean, right?

chik n skin ni mang juan 7With my first bite, I instantly liked the taste and crunchiness of the chicken skin with the right spice of vinegar. The flavor is not overpowering, not too sour. It’s just right, perfect for the Filipino palate. Definitely, “simumot-worthy”, hanggang sa huling mumo. In one seating, I can actually finish 3-5 packs. Haha!

chik n skin ni mang juan 6No wonder why my little girl liked it too.

All of us can now savor the goodness of chicken skin dipped in vinegar with Chik ‘n Skin ni Mang Juan. You can nibble it while watching your favorite TV shows or while snuggling on bed. There’s no need to visit the restaurants nearby or food kiosks to enjoy the yummy and crunchy taste of chicken skin with suka. Purchase it on your favorite supermarket or nearby sari-sari store and stock up because you never know when will you instantly crave for chicken skin with suka.

The newest snack in town – Chik ‘n Skin ni Mang Juan will definitely occupy a spot in #TeamFiguracion‘s grocery list.

Have you tried this variant of Mang Juan? Share with me your thoughts on the comments section below. =)

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