I Love Wellness Caravan At Robinsons Metro East

I am wholeheartedly supporting Robinsons Supermarket’s I Love Wellness Advocacy. I highly commend them for taking the first step in creating awareness and encouraging consumers to live a healthy life and shop for goods that will have a positive benefit on their well-being. That’s why each time I receive an invite from them, I always say YES!

I Love Wellness Caravan At Robinsons Metro East I was so giddy when I found out that the next caravan will happen at Robinsons Metro East. To those who personally know me, you’re aware that I reside here in the East so definitely this branch of Robinsons Supermarket is close to my heart, hence, my comfort zone. This is my family’s grocery place where we frequently buy our house and grocery supplies.

For the wellness caravan, there were 5 stations with different challenges. We have to visit all 5 stations and afterwards a reward will be given for finishing the challenges. Oh wow!

First staton is the Heart On The Move.

I Love Wellness Caravan At Robinsons Metro East Here, I pedalled my way for a cup of freshly blended watermelon juice.

Second Destination: Dare To Touch
DSCN6719I’m afraid to try this one at first. Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not that brave. Haha! But, I had to… Sir Pao from Robinsons was with me so I can’t quit. Haha!

I Love Wellness Caravan At Robinsons Metro East There were 5 holes and I was tasked to touch what’s inside and name it. Luckily, there’s no creepy thing inside. I was able to guess all five in a snap.

Third Destination: Love Your HomeDSCN6707I was challenged to fold as many shirts as I can in a span of 2 minutes. This one was easy for me. Some were actually surprised that I know how to fold clothes. Haha! Don’t be surprised please, I know how to do some household chores. See, I folded 7 shirts in 2 minutes.

Fourth Destination: Discover Wellness
Rob wellness metro eastI love the presentation of this station – the bath tub and the balls made me really want to play. Though, this was a bit hard due to time constraint. In one minute, I had to find the balls with letters I LOVE WELLNESS and place it in the designated glasses. This was hard and I almost not made it. But, luckily I did!

Fifth Station: Box Your Mind
Rob wellness metro east 1This challenge was a mind game. I had to memorize the order of the products in 15 seconds and I had to assemble the products in order in 15 seconds as well. Being sleep deprived, I wasn’t that sure if I can. But, I did it. The secret – be relaxed and keep an open mind.

After I finished all the stations, I received goodies from Robinsons Supermarket’s customer service. All shoppers had the chance to do the same challenges as well. I actually seen one of our neighbors doing the challenge as well while we were there.

Rob wellness metro east 3Other brands supporting the I Love Wellness campaign of Robinsons Supermarket like Pond’s, Dove, Nescafe, Breeze, Johnsons & Johnsons and Knorr were also present offering their services and free samples of their products.

Thank you Robinsons Supermarket for hosting the Wellness Caravan in Robinsons Metro East! I’m sure most of my neighbors had fun and learned new things with this campaign!

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