The Dove 7-Day Test Result

I was challenged to take the Dove 7-Day Test. I know most of you have seen on your Instagram or Facebook feed the photos with hashtag #Dove7DayTest. To give you a clearer idea, Dove posed a challenge for women to use Dove Beauty Bar on their face for seven consecutive days.

Dove 7-Day TestKnowing how great this bar soap is I gladly accepted the challenge. Honestly, I had no fear since I have tried using this product before for my body so I’m somehow aware how moisturizing this product is. But to use it for 7 consecutive days on my face, is something new that I want to personally experience and witness how it will fare on my skin.

Dove 7-Day Test
Here’s my 7 day experience with Dove Beauty Bar:

Day 1 – I used Dove Beauty Bar on my face and instantly felt the Dove difference. After first wash, my skin was so soft and smooth in an instant.

Dove 7 Day TestDay 2 and 3 – I noticed how great the moisturizing content of this soap as I didn’t feel any skin tightening and dryness in the course of 3 days of usage both day and night.

Day 4, 5 and 6 – My skin was deeply moisturized but not oily. Just to let you know, I have a combination type of skin. My T-zone is oily while the rest of my face is dry. The soap balanced my skin making the oily spots grease-free and the dry area well-moisturized. My skin’s so soft and smooth that my little girl loved touching my face while imitating the famous lines in Dove commercial.

Day 7 – I got a glowing, extra soft and smooth skin that I was able to go out with minimal make-up. No foundation, no blur creams, no face powder, just groomed brows, mascara and my fave pink lipstick. I sported my clear skin with no pimple, no redness and rashes.

Dove 7 Day Test 1No make-up selfie #RealBeauty

IMG_3587With minimal make-up (no powder just used eyebrow pencil, mascara and lipstick)

Dove 3The experience was actually liberating knowing that it is still possible to have smooth, soft and glowing skin without spending too much on expensive and imported facial wash, and lucrative facial treatments.  All thanks to the 1/4 moisturizing milk content of Dove Beauty Bar.

Overall, I love my #Dove7DayTest experience. The result is beyond amazing! You too can take the challenge and see for yourself the Dove difference. Get smoother and more glowing skin in just 7 days with Dove!


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