Burger King’s Angry Whopper + Grill And Chill Cookout

Craving for a great burger?
I can only think of one burger that can be associated with the word “great”. And, when I say great, I mean savory flame-grilled 100% beef patty that is oh so juicy topped with tomatoes, fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles, sliced white onions, creamy mayonnaise, and ketchup on a soft sesame bun.

Burger KingBy now, I think you know what I’m sayin’ since there’s only one burger that #MarksBetter… Yeah, it’s the Burger King Whopper that always makes me scream #MarksMasarap and #MarksJuicy.

Burger King Grill & Chill CookoutLast September 1, 2015, Burger King paid tribute to its worldwide known burger – Whopper, thru a Grill and Chill Cookout Event in its Tiendesitas Branch hosted by the bubly, Sam YG. The store was transformed to a backyard barbeque setting perfect for an afternoon grillin’ and bonding with friends.

Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 4Burger King, the Choice 2015 winner for Favorite Fastfood Burger, reintroduced the Whopper and highlighted the importance of grill marks in searing and sealing the flavor of Burger King’s signature burger. They come to a characteristic that sets them apart from other burger chains by locking in that delicious and authentic beef flavor.

Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 7Tom Rodriguez, the newest endorser of Burger King, also hosted the event and rendered a special song number that wowed the guests. He’s indeed a natural charmer matched with good personality perfect to be an endorser.

When asked why he accepted the endorsement, ” I like authenticity – staying true to yourself, being honest. And that is what the Whopper is all about: an honest-to-goodness flame-grilled burger that is made of 100% beef, is juicy, satisfying and will leave you wanting more!”.

Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 5While enjoying an afternoon of grillin’ and chillin’, invitees were served with a round of Whopper and the Rock It Fries.

Burger KingI was very thrilled to try the Rock It Fries. And, yes it didn’t disappoint. It definitely rocked my world! It comes in two flavors the Maple Bacon and the Cajun BBQ Parmesan and retails for P59.00.

Let me share with you the steps on how to enjoy the Rock It Fries:
1. Mix in the flavor.
2. Let the sauce flow.
3. Shake, shake and shake.
4. Last, but not the least, enjoy and let it rock your world.

Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 8Another highlight of the event was the presence of Edgar, the winner of the Whopper Challenge. He apparently holds the title of the fastest to prepare/assemble a Whopper in 12 seconds. He showed his skills during the event and finished the preparation in 14 seconds. Two seconds more than his original record but still that was so fast!

Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 10Burger King’s social media ambassadors were also presented on stage.

And, finally, the biggest surprise of the day came when they rolled out their newest Whopper which will be out very very soon. Can you guess what the A stands for? Let me give you a clue it’s hot… It’s spicy… Definitely #MarksMasarap… Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 11Presenting the ANGRY Whopper…

Burger King Grill & Chill Cookout 13As they say, if you have it, then flaunt it. Can you spot the flame-grilled marks? The Angry Whopper has jalapenos with barbeque sauce making it more appetizing for spicy lovers. Price point is P169.00 for ala carte and P199.00 for a Whopper meal.

What are you waiting for head on to the nearest Burger King store and savor the Whopper’s flavorful  beefy goodness matched with the Rock It Fries and scream #MarksMasarap, #MarksBetter and #MarksJuicy.

To know more about Burger King, you may visit their Facebook fanpage: Burger King Philippines


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  1. September 20, 2015 / 3:00 am

    I’m going to try the Angry Whopper on my next visit! I really love BK, it’s flavorful, affordable, and real.

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