Healthy Family: The Ideal Brand of Purified Bottled Water

As a devoted mom, it has been my goal to give my husband and daughter a healthy family life and a home filled with love and joy. Their welfare always occupy my top priority list. It is my heart’s desire to give them the best, most especially on the food that I serve on the table. It’s a must that I give them nutritious food that will make them healthy and strong. After all, health is always wealth. Aside from serving them delectable dishes with high nutritional content, there is one thing that I am very meticulous about – it’s our drinking water. Truth be told, I’m very picky with my choice of drinking water. My husband can attest to this fact as we had tried buying/ordering drinking water from different suppliers until we found the “ONE”. It has to pass my high standard before I give it to my husband most especially to my little one. It has to be 100% safe, clean and pure.

My Healthy Family Team FiguracionI was privileged to be part of the media briefing of Healthy Family held at Anabel’s Restaurant, Tomas Morato last August 7, 2015 where Manila Water Total Solutions (MWTS) formally launched Healthy Family Purified  Water.

Healthy Family Manila Water 2from left to right: Ms. Sharon D. Marcial (Product Innovation and Development Manager – MWTS), Mr. Ferdinand M. Dela Cruz (President –  MWTS), and Mr. Robert N. Baffrey (Product Innovation and Development Head – MWTS)

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers in Metro Manila don’t drink water from the tap? Clearly, I’m part of the 8.

Healthy Family Manila Water 3Based on the recent survey conducted by Manila Water Total Solutions (MWTS), there are two main reasons why people don’t drink tap water:

  • Lack of trust in after-the-meter reticulation systems – How can we be sure that the water pipes going to our faucets are clean? Not rusty?
  • Taste preferences – Tap water tastes different. There were days it smells stinky with a rusty taste.

Mommies, who among you have the same reasons as well? Admit it, there were moments when the water coming from the faucet emits a different smell and has a brownish color that you can’t even use it to bathe yourself because of the tiny particles you see floating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the source of water is unclean, maybe, the pipes or other factors are causing this scenario. With this, will you let your family drink tap water?

With the lack of trust of Filipino consumers in drinking tap water, lots of water refilling stations spruce up like mushrooms in the metro. You’ll see them almost in every corner of streets. While this has been an answer to most Filipinos drinking water needs, how sure are we that the water we buy from refilling stations are 100% clean? When I say clean, this encompasses the quality of water, the container, the process in bottling the water, the storage of the containers, the human handling the whole process, how the product is delivered and the cleanliness and politeness of the delivery boy.

Healthy Family 4With this day and age, we are more conscious with our health. We are willing to spend more just to make sure that we get quality services. But, truth be told, water  refilling stations are unregulated. We are not sure how they clean their filtration system, how often they conduct test on their water, how they sanitize their refilling stations and how their people clean and refill our containers.

Now, ask yourself, are all these I mentioned 100% passed by your drinking water provider? If yes, then good for you! If not, let me share with you where I get my family’s drinking water which is 100% pure and sure, clean purified water.

What is Healthy Family Purified Drinking Water

Healthy Family is a 5-gallon purified bottled water from Manila Water Total Solutions delivered directly to customer homes. This product is produced through a closed-loop fully-automated system that guarantees no human contact. Aside from that, full-time microbiologists analyze samples daily in an in-house laboratory compliant with international standards to ensure that the water is of superior quality.

Healthy Family 1Healthy Family Purified Water
Priced at P40.00 for 5-gallon bottle with a shelf-life of six (6) months

5 Facts Why Healthy Is The Ideal Brand of Bottled Water:

  • Healthy Family is quality assured by the Department of Health (DOH) and  and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Healthy Family is analyzed by full-time in-house microbiologists and daily sampling through an in-house laboratory.
  • To protect water bottles, Healthy Family has an innovative storage system.
  • Healthy Family is fully-automated. You are 100% sure that there is no human contact.
  • Healthy Family has a safe one-time use cap.

Healthy Family’s Fully-Automated Purification System:

Healthy Family 6

Healthy Family Price Comparison

Healthy Family Water

Low quality, low price —> Water refilling stations
High quality, high price —-> Premium bottled water brands in grocery storesHigh quality, low price —-> Healthy Family Purified Water

With Healthy Family, you get value for your money. You are 100%  sure that you and your family are drinking high quality water guaranteed by expert water authorities at a competitively low price delivered at your doorstep.  Now, ask yourself, will you still entrust your family’s drinking water needs with other brands?

Healthy FamilyI am encouraging everyone to #JoinTheHealthyFamilyMovement. Be one of us and let’s all raise a healthy family by providing them 100% pure and sure drinking water that is affordable enough for a Filipino family.

Manila Water Healthy FamilyThank you so much Manila Water Total Solutions for having us and introducing Healthy Family to our homes!

To those  interested to be a distribution partner or to order, you may LIKE and VISIT Healthy Family’s Facebook page.

Healthy Family


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    September 5, 2015 / 10:53 pm

    meron ba sa santolan nito or manggahan?

  2. January 19, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Hello Kaye! Your blog has a lot of informative ideas. Family firsts. They health is more important. I will share this blog to my friends too.

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