Pet Angel x Purple Groom Photoshoot

Hello lovelies! Today, let me veer away from the usual topics I tackle on the blog as I share with you another part of me.  Allow me to introduce my paw-ever love and cute little princess, Penny. I know most of you are unaware that I have a furry pet since I rarely snap and share pictures of Penny on my public social media accounts. So, now is your chance to get to know more of my little princess.

Pet Angel x Purple Groom ShootPenny is a small-type Shih Tzu, also known as Princess or Imperial type. This breed is not a separate breed of Shih Tzu. However, she is really small for her age. For the record, she is one of the smallest Shih Tzus born in 2014. We got her from one of our relatives 3 months after her birth.

As of the date of her debut as a pet model, she was 9 months old. Just to give you a background on Penny’s character, she’s very lively, loyal and affectionate fur ball. She loves to bark which sometimes you might mistaken as a “meow” of a cat because of her small sweet voice. Most of the time she loves to play and one of her favorite games is to follow me from room to room. Aside from that, she enjoys most each time I tickle her tummy. It’s hard to explain the happiness she brought to our family. I can say that she is really a blessing and a very good stress reliever.

My favorite part of having Penny is walking into my house after a very tiring day and being greeted by her while wiggling her tail. Just seeing her excitement to see me is priceless. I feel energized instantly. Also, she alleviates my feelings whenever Keisha is at school or whenever I’m alone. Overall, she is a good companion and we treat her not as pet but as a part of our family.

Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot BTSThe time I was invited by Pet Angel and The Purple Groom, I made sure that I’m available despite having a busy schedule because it’s one of my dreams to do a project with my fur ball.

Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot ShopBefore the shoot, Penny was groomed at The Purple Groom in California Garden Square, Mandaluyong. I must commend the staff for giving extra care and affection to my pet. Hence, I was at peace knowing that my Penny was in good hands. Their place was neat and tidy and of course, pet-friendly. The Purple Groom staff used an antibacterial detangling grooming brush, Pet Angel, to gently brush Penny’s furry coat.

Pet Angel Brushes in Purple GroomPet Angel Fur Detangling Brush is an innovative, unique grooming and detangling brush that’s suitable for most pets. It has patented undulating bristles to firmly but gently brush wet or dry coats on cats, dogs and most other animals to deliver pain-free, effective grooming. It also has anti-bacterial additives infused into its bristles to kill 99.9% of bacteria, making your Pet Angel ultra-hygienic and safe to use.

Pet Angel Brushes

Pet Angel Brushes BackPet Angel brushes come in two sizes – the Pet Angel, the bigger one with actual brush length of 195 mm and the Pet Angel Mini which is the compact one, 156 mm in height, perfect for smaller animals and harder to reach areas on larger animals.

Pet Angel Features:

  • Antibacterial
  • Suitable for most types of pet, long or short haired fur
  • Grooming and detangling wet/dry & matted fur
  • Gentle, pain free grooming
  • Detangles and eases knots
  • Makes grooming your pet a pleasure – not a PAIN!

Pet Angel x Purple Groom Photoshoot

After Penny’s grooming, I also had my share of “artista prep moment”. I had a make-over with the Inglot Cosmetics team. The way the make-up artist did my eyebrows was beyond perfection. I hope I can do that as well at home.

Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot Makeover by Inglot 2
Photos by Mark Alvarez:

Mark Alvarez Photography

Mark Alvarez PhotographyPenny and I really did enjoy the photo shoot. Our modelling skills were put to the test. I’m just glad that Penny made the whole session a breeze for the team. She can actually pass as a pro. Haha! I was stunned how beautiful the photos turned out. Thanks for the persistence and patience of the photographer, Mark Alvarez,  as he was able to capture amazing photographs. All I can say is that this was really a wonderful experience for me. Something that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

To all the pet owners, I hope we’ll all be responsible and loving to our dear pets. Let’s treat them like humans and as a real part of the family. Bringing them to grooming centers like The Purple Groom should be a monthly treat or as often as needed. And, for the detangling grooming brush that you use for your pets, make sure that it’s antibacterial and pain-free just like Pet Angel.

Mark Alvarez Photography

Thank you Pet Angel, Purple Groom and Inglot Cosmetics Philippines for having us!

For more information on Pet Angel, please contact [email protected] or call +632 552 3957 / +632 552 3958.

IG: @TangleAngelPH
IG: @PurpleGroom

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