GUINESS WORLD RECORDS: World’s Largest Coin Mosaic

Western Union celebrates its 25th year of giving service to the Philippines. And as a “change” for the trust that the Filipinos gave them, 25 elementary public schools across the Philippines will benefit as they donate multimedia learning tools and equipment coming from the funds they used to make the idea of world’s largest coin mosaic come to life.

Western Union Largest Coin Mosaic 1On September 30, Western Union proved that money can please the eyes by being an art itself; in the form of World’s largest coin mosaic that is validated by GUINESS WORLD RECORDS™ using Philippine peso coin of different denominations.

“Forming the coin mosaic is our way of giving back to the Filipino people – the people who have helped us become what we are today. The value of the coins used in the mosaic will be used to help fund the development of elementary public school students through multimedia tools and resources,” said Patricia Riingen, Western Union, Vice President for Southeast Asia and Oceania Region.

Western Union Largest Coin MosaicThe image was formed by Php 5- and 10-centavo copper coins, the bronze colored 25-centavo coin, the silver finish of P1, the gold finish of P5, and the dual tone silver and gold face of the P10 coin.

The sum of the value of the coins attached in the coin mosaic will be the proceeds to fund the Western Union’s Technology Aiding the Nation’s Youth to Accelerate Growth program or TANYAG, so being it the world’s largest means a vast amount of coins. With the help of Knowledge Channel Foundation, 25 public schools with five coming from Metro Manila, ten from Luzon, six in the Visayas, and four in Mindanao, will be provided with multimedia package consisting of 32” LED television with a set of speakers, and a laptop preloaded with Knowledge Channel’s educational videos which will serve as a digital library for the students.

Western Union Largest Coin Mosaic 2Mr. Jack Brockbank, a judge from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™, has confirmed that the Western Union’s record-breaking coin mosaic is definitely the world’s largest ever made in terms of surface area. The created coin mosaic of Western Union forms the image of the company’s 25th anniversary logo with `a rising sun inspired from the Philippine National Flag to represent hope and a brighter future while the abstract of a flying dove symbolizes the company’s desire for the young children who will benefit from this project. Below it is the tagline “25 Years of Moving the Filipino for Better”. Both logo and tagline assures the Filipinos that they can expect that the company is committed towards bringing a better life through financial growth.

The 25th anniversary celebration also highlights printing of special anniversary stamps by The Philippine Postal Service (Philpost), specially designed and freshly minted commemorative medals by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and the Heroes for better campaign, a program launched to recognize and celebrate modern Filipino heroes from around the world who have devoted their lives to helping their Fellow Filipinos without anything in return.

Western Union first operated in the Philippines in the year 1990 and has expanded to more than 8000 locations all over the country. Across the globe, Western Union has over 500,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories.

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