There’s a Sharp Washing Machine for Every Kind of Lifestyle

Life moves at such a fast pace so, it’s important to be equipped with just the right kind of home appliance that serves all your needs and requirements. Choosing a washing machine, for example, requires that you think not only of what you can afford, but also what will work best for your situation. But there are hundred washing machines to choose from!”, you might think. Thankfully, Sharp Philippines, known for its durable and time-tested washing machines, offers different machines that address various needs and lifestyles.

Washing MachineFor city dwellers who have limited space, Sharp’s number 1 washing machine, the Twin-Tub, is perfect. Heavy-duty, compact, and with separate tubs for washing and spinning clothes, the Twin Tub can fit in a corner of your apartment. The Twin Tub has always been Sharp’s bestselling washing machine, and it’s easy to see why. It is indeed very durable, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading every so often. It’s also very easy to transport, so you can take it to your next space should you move.

Bigger-sized families with limited space will also do well with the first and only one-of-its-kind in the Philippines, the Double Washer, which uses two tubs for simultaneous washing. You can wash white and colored clothes side by side, saving you time and energy by up to 50% with each use. It is also very heavy-duty and compact.

Families who have a little more disposable income and with babies in the house should choose the Sharp Fully Automatic washing machine. This cylindrical beauty has a stainless steel holeless tub, which helps save water and detergent by up to 60%. This holeless tub also helps in lessening the accumulation of mold and bacteria in the tub and is very gentle on fabric. Select models have Ag+ Ion technology, which deactivates odor-causing bacteria to keep clothes smelling fresh without the use of fabric conditioners, perfect for your baby’s garments, or for anyone in the family who might be sensitive to fragrance. The Fully Automatic washing machine is also perfect for people living in condominiums, where they cannot take advantage of fresh air and sunlight when drying their clothes.

Sharp’s washing machines, without a doubt, will address your top priorities with regard to washing clothes while remaining user-friendly and intuitive. These are the hallmarks of each Sharp washing machine, all created with you and your needs in mind. It is all part of Sharp’s pledge to provide quality enjoyment and leisure time to every Filipino family, a commitment made clear by the brand’s “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy, which aims to uplift the quality of Filipinos’ lives through exceptional products.

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