Cream Silk Leave On and My Beauty 911 Kit

Have you ever heard of a Beauty 911 kit? Oh, yes, it exists! It’s a special kit specifically made for every women’s unexpected beauty woes. In this day and age, never let beauty emergencies lessen your sparkle. It’s best to be always prepared #AnytimeAnywhere.

Let me share with you my Beauty 911 Kit  especially curated by my trusted hair care brand, Cream Silk.

What’s Inside My Beauty 911 Kit:

1. Lip & Cheek Tint Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-7Get that instant rosy glow and say goodbye to looking pale with this lip & cheek tint that you can use any time of the day.

2. Double-Sided Tape Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-6A double-sided tape that you can use for that nip & tuck moment. I hate it when one of the straps of my underwear peeps through my dress. It’s a no-no for a conservative woman/mom like me.

3. Medicine Box

Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-8Feeling sick is inevitable. Headache or worst, migraine-attack happens. It’s a hassle when you don’t have a medicine inside your bag.

4. Lip Therapy

Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-5This is one product that’s a staple in my kit since I have dry lips.

5. Handy Sewing Kit

Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-4This box is complete with thread, needle, mini-scissors and clips. This is indeed, sew-handy! Definitely a must-have, most especially when you travel.

6. Breath Freshener

Cream Silk Beauty 911 KitYou never know when you need to freshen your breath. Don’t let your breath lessen your confidence. And never let a foul smelling breath define your whole personality.

7. Cream Silk Leave-On

Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-10There is really this thing as bad hair day as I experienced it several times. With all the abuse we do to our hair – hair coloring, perming, others have theirs rebonded, the hair becomes dry, frizzy, dull and rough because its natural moisture was lost. I’m glad that Cream Silk, the Philippines’ no. 1 conditioning brand, has come up with the perfect hair solution for the modern woman on the go!

Cream-Silk-Beauty-911-Kit-3Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream comes in a handy bottle that can easily fit your everyday purse. It’s a hair polish and a leave-on conditioner in one that gives instantly smooth and shiny hair, #AnytimeAnywhere that only the no. 1 conditioning brand in the country can provide.

What I love about this, is its light and non-greasy formula that is infused with Hair Reborn Actives, which smoothen and nourish frizzy hair to keep your hair looking gorgeously straighter. Plus I can apply it on damp or dry hair. A pea-sized amount on my palm goes a long way. I spread the cream evenly from root to tips. And tadaaa! I have more beautiful and straighter hair in just one application plus it smells so good.

For only Php49.00, we can have our hair emergencies fix #AnytimeAnywhere with Cream Silk Leave On.

You too can make your own Beauty 911 Kit! Make sure to include the items listed above and don’t forget to stock on Cream Silk Leave On for a more beautiful crowning glory!

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