Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian + 3 Things to Consider When Choosing your Gym

Summer is fast approaching, so is the desire to achieve the perfect beach body. At this moment, I’m sure almost all of us would like to have a slimmer figure that will make us look good in our chosen summer wear. And in order to achieve our desired look, we resort to different ways on how we can lose weight. While there are many options available, most of us consider a healthier alternative – going to a gym or fitness club to work out, this will not only help us slim down but to be stronger as well in the process.

Three things to consider when choosing your gym:

  1. Look for a gym near your home or workplace so that you can easily drop by any time.
  2. The gym must have a wide selection of equipment to choose from to fit your training needs.
  3. The environment should be comfortable and motivating for you to enjoy your workouts and be motivated to comeback and workout on daily basis. But the most important thing, you must not choose a place that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian BikeGood news, Fitness First has finally unveiled its 5th Platinum Club last January 26. Located at Viridian, the newest and the most prestigious residential condominium tower at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center along Connecticut and Missouri in San Juan City.

Fitness First, the leading health club operator in the country invited me and my fellow bloggers to view their newest Platinum Club. We got the chance to see every equipment and facilities that they offer. True to its name, the Platinum club boast its premium look together with the amazing equipment, programs and facilities. The club is noticeably clean and has a hygienic ambiance. Also, the most of their staff are very friendly and easy to deal with which I find very amusing.

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian Exercise DemoThe size of the Platinum Club is 1,860 square meters of the first and second levels of Viridian and is poised to redefine the fitness experience with its innovative club design, expansive Freestyle floor area and cutting-edge equipment.

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian BoxingPlatinum club is not your regular gym, it offers more than 470 Group Exercise Classes throughout the month and includes dance, cycling, Hardcore, Body Combat, and Body Jam classes to name a few. Aerial Yoga, the latest craze in yoga is also available. This fun, new and creative approach to yoga uses a yoga swing to support the body to comfortably execute poses for an extended period. A bit challenging but definitely a must-try.

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian 3

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian 2This Platinum club boasts of the first Rep House Freestyle Floor specifically designed by Fitness First experts to provide members the true essence of Dynamic Movement Training. The exclusively designed floor is used for Freestyle Group Training, a quick 30-minute small group format that caters to people on the go.

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian Saddle RowAnother highlight of this club is the Water Rower. It is a top-of-the-line equipment regarded for its precise replication of a boat moving through water. This equipment can burn up to 1000 calories per hour and works on 84% of one’s muscle mass in just one exercise. Highly recommended for people who want to lose weight. This Rowing Machine is exclusive to this club.

Aside from the gym equipment and neatly organized work-out areas, here are other parts of the gym that you’ll surely love:

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian Locker RoomSpacious and clean locker room

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian computer tableComputer table

Fitness First Platinum Club Viridian 6Refreshments area that serves hot coffee and tea (black, peppermint and fruit)

I highly recommend this club for people who want variety. See it for yourself and be amazed with what the club has to offer.

For membership inquiries, contact Phoebe Zamora, Club General Manager, at 706-1465, or visit

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