Organique Acai Pemium Blend: Keep Life Simple and Drink this Healthy Purple!

To be healthier is my New Year’s resolution this 2016. This goal is not just for me actually, but for my husband and daughter as well. We started this journey by eating healthier foods like veggies, fruits, fish, whole grains and reduce the intake of junk foods. I am aware that this will not be easy but I know that it will be all worth it. Just perfect in time, I discovered this product called Organique Acai Pemium Blend.

Organique Acai Premium Blend Review

I have been drinking this product for three weeks now, and I’m really impressed with my results. I have more energy and I feel better than ever. It tastes good unlike the food supplements that I have tried before. This food supplement contains all the basic vitamins and minerals that our body needs to improve overall health.

Organique Acai Premium Blend was launched in 2009, it has gone through extensive research and is made of natural, wild harvested Acai berries from Brazil. With a manufacturing facility in California which is known for its stringent regulation on food safety, customers are rest assured of the highest quality in the processes up to the final product. Imported from the United States, Organique Inc. also prides itself in being certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as “USDA Organic”.

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Today, respected urologist and surgeon Dr. Joseph Lee, who is also a loyal user, agrees to the health benefits of Acai berry on our health.

Organique Acai Pemium Blend

A pure and potent blend enhanced with all other natural juice extracts such as organic evaporated can juice, apple juice concentrate, acerola juice, green tea extract to create a smooth, healthy and delicious drink. Its primary ingredients are acai berries which are touted by many as the king of super foods. The acai berry has antioxidants which combats cell damage promotes good health for us to continue living the good life.


Acai (pronounced Ah-Sah-ee) is the tallest palm tree in the Amazon jungle, growing up to 80 feet. It’s small, dark purple berries have been a staple in the diet of the indigenous people of Brazil for centuries.

How to use the product

The recommended dosage of Organique Acai Premium Blend is 30ml per day (about 3/4 of the shot glass provided) to be taken first thing in the morning upon waking up. You are encouraged to have it set from a few minutes to half an hour before taking breakfast for maximum health benefits.

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39 reasons why you should drink Organic Acai Premium Blend

Help You Sleep Better
Because it contains nutrients like vitamin B and others, Açaí is able to decrease your level of stress and aids in the communication between your brain cells. Açaí is able to do this by assisting with the making of neurotransmitters. Some known neurotransmitters are serotonin and dopamine.

Increase Your Energy Level
Açaí can and is used by renowned athletes like Venus Williams, because Açaí has a lot of nutrients, and especially a lot of lipids which are responsible for boosting up your energy level. This is why Açaí can be used on a daily basis to improve your energy level, and even before a more “energy demanding” event.

Reduce Cholesterol
Açaí has a lot of EFAs which stands for Essential Fatty Acids. These Acids sustain the good cholesterol (which is named HDL cholesterol) and at the same time, it will decrease the level of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). These two actions, made by the EFAs will lead to a much better blood circulation in you body.

Reduce Weight
If you are trying to lose weight, then Açaí is a gold mine for you! Drinking Açaí will help you lose weight because Açaí will delay hunger and help you control your appetite. This is possible because Açaí has a low glycemic index.

Lower Stress Level
Açaí is a great helper in the battle against stress! This is mainly because Açaí is able to adjust the stress level in your body and then to repair it.

Improve Your Sexual Health
Açaí is known for having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can counteract sterility because of pollution, stress and factors associated with free radicals.

Ease Women’s Menstrual Cycle
Good news for women! Especially women who go through great menstrual pain each and every month! Açaí is very rich in calcium and it eases the nasty pain of bloating and cramps.

Can Help You Fight The Wrinkles
The Açaí Juice has a high volume of phytosterols and anthocyanins which do a great job in protecting the collagen (and other connective tissues) and this way you will be safe from premature wrinkles.

Make Teeth Stronger
The calcium that Açaí has is not only good for easing cramps and bloating, but it also helps you have more powerful teeth, a nice whiter smile and also prevents the appearance of gingivitis or other gum diseases.

Improve Vision
The Açaí juice helps improve your vision, reduces complications of macular degeneration in diabetics. This happens because of the vitamin C and the beta carotene that Açaí has.

Improve Skin Tone
Because Açaí has phytosterols, by drinking Açaí you will help decrease the wearing down of your skin’s protective outside layer and so improve your skin tone.

Fight Aging
Açaí may help slow down aging as Açaí has strong anti-oxidants and regenerative nutrients that aid cells to operate optimally. This is probably, one of the most important reasons to drink Açaí juice, from all the 39 reasons.

Protect Blood Vessels
By drinking Açaí you will be protecting you will be protecting your arteries, capillaries, veins and blood vessels. This is possible because of the anthocyanins that Açaí has.

Improve Resistance To Disease
Because Açaí has lots of nutrients; Açaí helps the immune system and increases your body’s resistance to all sorts of diseases.

Improve Lipid and Glucose Levels
Açaí has a low glycemic index which improves these two levels.

Detoxify And Cleanse Body
Açaí has been used for a long time now to detoxify human’s bodies.

Heal Ulcers
Due to his antibacterial properties, Açaí is able to destroy fungi, bacteria and even parasites like the one that causes ulcer.

Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease
According to a study made in 2004, which is found in the Archives of Neurology, people that drink Açaí are reducing the risk of an Alzheimer disease because of Açaí ’s bigger amounts of vitamins E and C.

Fight Osteoporosis
Because Açaí has an increased amount of calcium; the bad osteoporosis tends to stay away from you.

Fight BPH (prostate enlargement)
Açaí is a tough enemy of BPH which stands for benign prostate hyperplasia. You might know BPH as enlarged prostate.

Thwart Retinopathy
For people that have diabetes Açaí is great news, because it helps weak capillaries that otherwise could lead to retinopathy. The bad part about retinopathy is that it can often lead to blindness.

Prevent Some Causes Of Heart Disease
The Açaí Juice has a powerful heart protection agent which is the antioxidant named polyphenols. The production of nitric oxide in the endothelial cells is improved by anthocyanins. The nitric oxide is responsible for the relaxation and enlargement of the blood vessel walls and this means a lesser amount of stress on your heart. And even more than this, your blood flow will be increased and you will have a decreased risk of any vessel blockage.

Help Lower Blood Pressure
It has a lot of EFAs which stands for Essential Fatty Acids. These Acids sustain the good cholesterol (which is named HDL cholesterol) and at the same time, it will decrease the level of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). These two actions, made by the EFAs will lead to a much better blood circulation in your body.

Can Help In Relieving The Symptoms Of Asthma
Açaí is able to improve the symptoms from Asthma because it has a lot of vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant. The vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties which help in relieving the Asthma symptoms.

Help Relieve The Symptoms Of Crohn’s Disease
Because Açaí has great anti-inflammatory properties, he is able to stop the malabsorption of nutrients that are vital for the body. This way, Açaí is preventing any damage on the wall of your small intestines.

Can Help In Relieving The Pain Caused By Arthritis
Once more, the anti-inflammatory abilities of the Açaí berry help in relieving pain caused by arthritis.

Prevent Free-Radical Damage Of Your Immune System
Oxidation (free-radical damage) represents one of the principal causes of the immune weakness (dysfunction). Açaí fights this by toughening the immune system.

Act Like An Astringent
An astringent is a substance that shrinks, contracts, tightens the body tissues like our skin. Astringents are utilized to stop bleeding from small cuts and to give to the skin a fresh, tingling sensation.

Fight Cancer
Açaí prevents and lowers the risk of cancer. Açaí fights breast cancer, skin, stomach, lung cancer by neutralizing the free radicals before they can harm cells.

Overcome Acid Reflux
Because of its antioxidants, Açaí helps protect and even repair our lower esophagus when damaged by the acid reflux disease (GERD). Açaí also reduces the acidity of the stomach contents when the reflux occurs. This is because; Açaí has acid-suppression effects.

Make Your Body Stronger
Because Açaí has even more protein then the average egg, he is able to help your body grow stronger.

Enhance Muscle Contraction And Regeneration
Açaí has a mix of trace minerals and amino acids which allow him to help muscle contraction and regeneration after an exhausting activity.

Improve The Function Of The Immune Cells
According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, Açaí improves the function of the immune cells by modulating the lymphocytes and preventing the immune suppression. This is all possible thanks to Açaí ’s beta-sitosterol.

Act As An Anti-Mutagenic
Açaí helps in the prevention of any damage to our DNA structure and reduces the possible risk posed by mutagens.

Fight Against Viruses
Açaí reduces the frequency of infectious diseases like viruses, fungus or bacterial infections.

Improve Your Digestion
Açaí dietary fiber helps our colon and the digestive tract.

Better Mental Clarity
Açaí helps our alertness and mental function with its omega 3 fats.

Promote Overall Health.
With his powerful antioxidants, Açaí helps build and replenish our body.

Can Help Your Body’s Synergy
Açaí helps with the protection of the whole body.


Retail Price of Organique Acai Premium Blend

Organique Acai Premium Blend is sold at a suggested retail price of 2,500 per 946-ml bottle at Mercury Drug, Pure Pharmacy, Robinson’s Supermarket, South Star Drug, and Watsons. Also distributed in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and the Middle East.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love drinking Organique Acai Premium Blend because of the positive changes it gives my body. And, I am very much hopeful for its long-term benefits. Surprisingly, it tastes good, that’s why it’s not a challenge to drink it first thing in the morning followed by a healthy breakfast after 30 minutes. I think the only downside of this product is its price but, I tell you the tag is worth it. What is P2,500.00 compared to all the 39 health benefits that I mentioned above. I’m looking forward to purchasing another bottle when my supply runs out.

So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and share your results.

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