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What are your #bodygoals? Care to share what’s your secret in achieving that sexy body? Now, that summer time is here, it’s everyone’s desire to wear that bikini or at least be confident enough to strut her swimwear on the beach. While eating a balanced diet and regular exercise are effective ways to reduce fat, there are certain areas in our body that needs extra TLC to loose that extra flab. Hence, this method takes time and requires discipline to effectively work. But, how about on days, when you need to trim down right away?

Kaye for AlluraWell, I’ve got great news for you as I’ve recently discovered a slimming center that will make our #bodygoals a reality. ALLURA is where you can find the latest and most economical way of losing weight and contouring your body.

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Conceptualized through the joint effort of a group of elite professionals who have pooled their individual knowledge, expertise and extensive experience of almost two (2) decades in the beauty enhancement and slimming industry, ALLURA provides the means to make sure you achieve your slender figure and flawless beauty goals.

ALLURA offers…..

  • individually designed non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to help their clients look better and feel better without having to undergo risky surgical procedures
  • non-invasive and safe surgical procedures, which means no injections, no surgery, and no scars.
  • They assure life-shapers’(doctors) competence, experience and proficiency.
  • offers clinically proven non-invasive solutions for fat reduction and body contouring programs using the latest approach and technologies. 
  • takes pride in offering facilities rivalling any world class centers offering the same treatments


  1. Thermo-lipolysis (Hi-Tech Capsule) – is one of the famous offerings of ALLURA as it helps their clients reduce weight easily and instantly. It uses cutting-edge thermal heat and infrared technology to burn as much as 900 calories per treatment of 30 minutes. You are put inside a hi-tech “capsule,” so you can literally lose weight equivalent to 3-7 km. energy expenditure of running while lying down. It actually burns as much as 900 calories per session. More than that, it increases the metabolism, reduces water retention and stimulates body circulation.
  2. Lipo Endermology – works by vertically stretching thickened and shortened connective tissue while simultaneously increasing lymphatic flow resulting in reduction in size and volume of the treated area like the arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks to reshape and re-contour your body.
  3. Velasmooth Pro – the perfect solution for body shaping and permanent cellulite reduction with no downtime. This combines the synergistic effect of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to increase the metabolism of fat tissues.
  4. Lipo Cavitation – In 10 minutes, this can break down 10 mm of fat tissue, making this technology ideal for heavily dimpled thighs and bulging tummy.
  5. Body Rejuve Tripolar – perfect solution for restoring skin elasticity to your wrinkled tummy and cellulite stricken thighs.
  6. Ultrashape III (VDF) – is a breakthrough non-invasive treatment that utilizes focused ultrasound waves to tally destroy target fat cells.
  7. Slimmer Arms Tripollar – the combined radio frequency treatment will result to fat volume reduction and production of collagen to tighten those pendulous upper arms.
  8. Ionique – Meso – this treatment will handle the job of sculpting and contouring specific fat pockets in body areas such as love handles, belly bulges and saddlebags.
  9. Allure – Skin Renew – using scientifically advanced technology to deliver serum extracts and natural compounds into the skin to restore skin elasticity and normalize collagen fiber matrix. This permanently improves unsightly stretch marks and dull looking skin and promotes normal skin cell regeneration.
  10. Facial iLift – the ideal treatment for your double chin, flabby cheeks, sagging jowls. This pain-free radio frequency (RF) treatment reduces and eliminates the fat content of skin and stimulates collagen production, which is responsible for a smoother and tighter facial skin.
  11. Collagen Infuse – simple and fast treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and improve skin firmness.
  12. Geneo A+ Extreme Facial – exfoliate + infuse + oxygenate. Similar to microdermabrasion, this exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, smooth and renew the skin, preparing it to receive active ingredients.
  13. Revitalize E-Hydration – perfect for sun-damaged spots and dry rough skin
  14. Vaser Shape Plus 3rd Generation – the latest in body contouring technology and FDA approved for fat and cellulite reduction.
  15. Bio Ultra Tone – the ultimate answer to a streamlined well-toned body which can be achieved through strenuous activities.
  16. Titanium Smart Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal– this cutting edge technology has a built in cooling system on the laser head itself that effectively neutralize heat from the laser to prevent possible burn injury which commonly occurs in old generation IPL machine.

Customers’ Testimonies:

The best way to prove Allura’s results-oriented service is to hear their customer’s self-testimony on how Allura helped them achieve their “dream body”. Here are some of them: 

Allura endorsersAra Mina revealed that Thermo-lipolysis became her weight loss buddy for her quick reduction of weight. “Thermolipolysis is my favorite treatment, I lost 11 pounds in just a short period of time,” shared Ara. In addition, Ara’s waistline has reportedly gone from a 28 to a 25 in just a short span.

Ara MinaCristine Reyes uses the Radio Frequency method to tighten her upper arms. She also used the UltraShape Machine, which destroyed fat on her tummy and flanks.

She further had Endermolgie to address her cellulite problem on her thighs. The Endermologie Machine employs vacuum energy mechanical rollers. It corrected the fat cell accumulation and too much fluid retention (edema) on her thighs.

The UltraShape Machine is a 3-in-1 machine, that employs the following: 

1.) ultra-sound technology which causes bursting (implosion) of the fat cells of the area being treated.

2.) The suction/vacuum probe hastens lymphatic drainage of the fat cell content (fat cells when destroyed release energy to be burned) into the blood stream.

3.) The radio frequency (RF) part of the machine treatment will tighten or firm up the skin of the area being treated since the area will be losing a lot of fat tissues and it might cause the skin to loosen up.

Chloe Dauden, Miss World Philippines 2011, Second Princess, shared on her Instagram post that Body Rejuve Tripollar is her favorite treatment in ALLURA. She revealed that she is doing it at least once a week. “Body Rejuve Tripollar really helps in slimming and toning my stomach, arms and thigh.” Dauden posted. This treatment helps improve stretch marks, reduces fats in certain areas, melts cellulite and tightens skin. Same with Needle-less Mesotherapy which uses ion wave technology as it opens up the pores of the skin, giving the body time to get all the nutrients from skin care products.

Cathy Amparo described ALLURA in 3 words – “AFFORDABLE EFFECTIVE & EFFORTLESS”.
“To say thank you, just doesn’t seem enough. So please, take these words, share them with others as a testament of the results one can get. It has made a huge difference in MY life. I only hope others can feel the same”, our happy customer said. Indeed, getting a fab and fit body has been easier this time through the slew of non-invasive slimming treatments offered by ALLURA.

Catherine Joy Amparo for Allura

Allura continuously provide innovative programs and services and are dedicated to cleanliness, safety, and providing an environment conducive to our clients’ health and well being. They also further commit to continuously improve their customer service standards by providing an environment that is welcoming, friendly, comfortable and responsive. They strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by anticipating their needs.

To those who are not that disciplined to go to the gym or to control their food intake, ALLURA is the best option that you might want to consider to achieve your #BodyGoals. Be the best version of yourself and have that confidently beautiful #AlluraBody. I’ll be visiting their clinic soon to try their services, I’ll keep you posted with my experience. Can’t wait to be #Allurafied.

Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @allurabody
102 Richwell Bldg. Mezzanine Timog Avenue Quezon City.
Tel. No. 352-78-76/ 352-76-79
Mobile No. 09178 (ALLURA) 255872



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