My Pocket Doctor: First Telemedicine Application in the Philippines

Have you ever experienced being sick but no one was around to drive you to the doctor? What about you went to the clinic/hospital and your doctor was off-duty. I’m quite sure these are very frustrating most especially when you suffer excruciating pain.

Aside from these, a doctor‘s visit can be costly and time consuming. Would you believe if I say that you can have your own pocket doctor? I’m excited to tell you that Medicard, a leading health maintenance organization (HMO) provider, gives a time and convenient option to get medical consultations anytime, anywhere with My Pocket Doctor.

My Pocket Doctor 2

It is the first telemedicine application in the Philippines. With My Pocket Doctor, you can consult your health condition to a medical doctors without leaving your house. Isn’t it convenient?

According to Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines, “My Pocket Doctor is definitely a game changer especially in the medical field. It is also our way of using modernized technology to make medical consultations handy for everyone. With less waiting time, patients can now get in touch easily with a medical doctor and get consultations instantly, at the comfort of their homes or offices.”

How to register on My Pocket Doctor:

Through website:

  1. Visit
  2. Register
  3. Check your email for the confirmation link

Through the App:

  1. Download MyPocketDoctor through Appstore or Google play
  2. Register
  3. Check your email for confirmation link

Through text:

  1. Send your email address and cellphone number to 29290DOCTOR (or 2929036-2867)
  2. Wait for a call from a nurse to complete your one-time registration

After registration, a nurse will call the member for assessment to schedule the consultation with one of their doctors. A medical doctor will call the patient for a check-up and give prescriptions or instructions. Video call via webcam can also be done during medical consultation for cases that need visual assessment such as skin rashes.

How to request for a consultation:

1.  Open MyPocketDoctor website or app.
2.  Click on “Talk To A Medical Doctor now”
3.  Scratch coupon code above and enter code
4.  Type your health concern and click “Continue”
5.  Await for your consultation through phone or video call

My Pocket Doctor boasts its highly competent, well-trained and unbiased doctors from Europe and Philippines who can cover up to 70% of all health issues in a consultation and are available 24/7, ensuring members an accessible and credible medical service.

One of the reasons why I highly recommend the My Pocket Doctor:

My Pocket Doctor

For only P450, you can now avail My Pocket Doctor Card at selected MediCard free-standing clinics and soon, the card will be also sold online through Medicard’s online store.


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