#OishiOWow: Oishi Introduces Three Brand New Snacks

I’m sure that almost all of us love to eat snacks while watching TV shows or movies. I don’t really know the reason behind it but watching always goes hand in hand with eating snacks. Truth be told, this has been my life-long habit minus those days when I still don’t have teeth. Something that I find so hard to veer away most especially on times that I’m watching my diet.

Oishi O Wow Kaye F

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised with the big O, Wow! package that landed right in front of my doorstep from Oishi. For the record, this was the first set of delivered products that I received from the brand and I was all giddy to see what’s inside the box. The snack-lover in me instantly kicked in. The package contains balloons and a dose of Oishi’s new products.

Oishi O Wow I Love Keisha

There’s an unboxing version 2.0 when my daughter woke up from her nap. See her huge grin!

To make 2016 crunchier and even more exciting, Oishi introduces three brand new delicious snacks that will surely satisfy your cravings:


Oishi Pea Pow Garbanzo Stick Snack
A hot and spicy garbanzo snack made from chickpeas, a well known superfood. It contains fiber and protein making it perfect for mid-day treat.

Oishi Pea Pow

Oishi Fishda Fish Kropeck
People who love fish crackers will surely be drawn to this. The salty snack was made to taste exactly like fish balls, truly an all-time Filipino favorite. You may eat this on its own or dip it into spicy vinegar for that extra ooomph!

Oishi Fishda

Oishi Mobster Caramel & Cheese Popcorn
The Chicago-style snack is a great mix of sweet caramel and savory cheese flavor. My newest favorite, perfect for all-day munching.

Oishi Mobster's Popcorn

Oishi never fails to bring new and innovative snacks! From the Oishi Shrimp-flavored chips that I used to buy when I was young up to their wide selection of goodies now. Hence, this is only the beginning, I’m quite sure that Oishi will bring more products this year to satisfy the changing lifestyle and growing demands of Filipino consumers.

From the bottom of my heart, I would love to thank Oishi for sending this O, Wow! package. I totally love everything from the box to the metallic balloons, the cute notepads and most especially the new Oishi snacks.

Oishi O Wow Kaye


Mommy K


For more information about these products:

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