Sangobion IRON+ Launches “Win Your Day” Campaign with Sarah Geronimo and ANEMIX Girls

Being a mom, it’s important for me to keep my body healthy and strong to survive everyday’s work. With that being said, I make sure that I get the right amount of vitamins and minerals, eating the right foods, and having a healthy active lifestyle. Doing these, I feel better than ever and more alive. This is one of the best decisions of my life so far.

Sangobion sarah geronimo 3Recently, Sangobion IRON+ launches its new campaign “Win Your Day” with brand ambassador Sarah Geronimo.  The event started with Dr. Zaida Gamilla, blood health expert, explaining the risks of having anemia, symptoms, prevention and how to overcome it. The media briefing was held at the Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma while the official music video launch took place at the event center.

Sangobion Music Voideo Launch 1In the Philippines, Merck Inc., through the country’s leading iron supplement brand for adults, Sangobion IRON+, has made it its mission to spread awareness for anemia so that more Filipinos can be aware of the condition. In fact, the World Health Organization revealed that between 20 and 39.9% of women in the country aged 15-49 years suffer from anemia (The Global Prevalence of Anemia in 2011, authored by the World Health Organization).

I just learned that 1 out of 4 people are at risk of anemia? Anemia, caused by iron deficiency, can greatly impact a person’s physical and cognitive performance thus, affecting the overall work productivity.

Causes of AnemiaAccording to Dr. Zaida Gamilla, the signs of anemia are paleness, sickly (due to a weak immune system), feeling tired paleness, distractedness (lack of concentration), and dizziness. And if not treated properly, it may lead to other serious problems which sometimes can be fatal. So if you’re not feeling well and experiencing these symptoms, it is better to make an appointment to doctor to determine your problem. Always remember that “health is wealth”.

“Win Your Day” Campaign

Sangobion sarah geronimo 2

The highlight of the campaign is the “Win Your Day” TV commercial and music video, starring Sangobion IRON+ Brand Ambassador Sarah Geronimo. Also featured in the video are the Anemix Girls: five women who were able to overcome their anemia with the help of the organic iron supplement. I have actually seen them once when they did  a front-act for Sarah Geronimo’s concert.

Dangobion music Video LaunchThey are fondly known as Tired Ellaine, Sickly Paula, Pale Sheena, Distracted Princess, and Dizzy Apple.

Selected through a series of Sangobion IRON+ activities that took place over several months last year, the girls went through several tests of physical energy, including a karaoke challenge. Armed with golden voices and the eagerness to win their day, the five stood out from hundreds of candidates and proved to be the perfect companions of Sarah G. in the music video.

Sangobion sarah geronimo 4

Merck Inc. Philippines Head of Marketing, Consumer Health, Debbie Go said, “A significant number of Filipinos, particularly women, are affected by anemia and don’t even realize it. We expect that this campaign will encourage them to be more conscious of their blood health, and take the necessary steps to fight anemia so they can go about each day in winning form.”

For those who don’t know what Sangobion is, it is an organic iron supplement that replenishes stored iron and helps regulate hemoglobin levels in the blood. Also it contains full range of vitamins and minerals that is necessary for correcting iron deficiency and contains 50mg of Vitamin C to help in maximum absorption of iron. Using this you can look and perform at your best everyday!

Thanks for having me Sangobion! I really enjoyed the event not only I’ve seen again my favorite pop artist, Sarah G., but I also learned more about the dangers of anemia and tips on how to prevent and overcome it.

With Sangobion IRON+, you can be free from Anemia, so you can Win your Day!

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