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It’s officially the start of my daughter’s summer vacation. Her first year in lower school has ended and I’m quite sure she learned a lot from her teachers’ lessons and gained fun memories and experiences with her fellow classmates. And, now that she’s on school break, I want her to spend her free time learning while playing so I’m thinking of ways on how I can let her veer away from her usual rest day activities – watching cartoons on TV and Youtube, playing her favorite games on her Ipad and the likes. I want this summer to be memorable, exciting, fun and at the same time still educational for her.

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Maybe most of you are also in search of fun activities that your kids can do to have “Laking Amazing” summer. Let me share with you my highly recommended activities/games for kids ages 3-7 years that can nurture your child’s overall development while having fun. Some here are the usual activities that you’re familiar with but I added a little twist to make it different.

My Highly Recommended Activities/Games for Kids this Summer:

Giant Hulahoop Bubble Game

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This is one of the most common attractions in kiddie parties where clowns ask kids to step inside the basin and they’ll get the chance to be inside a giant bubble in a snap. This is one activity that you can incorporate at home particularly in your garage and can be participated by the whole family. To make this more exciting, you can start the game from scratch and make your own bubbles using gumamela leaves from your own backyard mixed with water and detergent. Remember, kids are definitely more enticed to play when they know they are in the company of their parents.

How to make gumamela bubble:

Using mortar and pestle, grind the Gumamela petals and leaves.
Mix 1/2 cup of soap to 1 1/2 cup of water. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar.
Mix the Gumamela petal and leaves paste to the solution.

If the solution you made is not enough, you may also add liquid detergent on water.

Jenga Game
with a Twist

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The game is fun yet effective way to enhance your children’s mathematical skills. For this game, you need a Jenga by Hasbro, marker, tape and lemon/calamansi juice. Place a transparent tape on top of every Jenga block and write a question on the transparent tape. How the game works, just like the usual Jenga game except every time you pull a block, you need to answer the question written on it. If you weren’t able to answer the question then put the block on the top and drink the lemon/calamansi juice. Play until the tower falls, the one who makes the tower topple is the loser and gets to drink lemon/calamansi juice again.

Hide and Arrest

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Basically, the game is just like a hide and seek, except all of the participants will be divided into two groups (the police and the illegals). Before the game will start, a timer will be set to determine whose group is the quicker to catch all of the illegals. Once the police group captured everyone, then they can stop the timer and record the time. After that, the team will switch, the police will become the illegals and vice versa. The group who’s faster to catch all the illegals will win.

Pop Your Challenge

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To play this game, you need to have a large illustration board, 15 to 20 pcs. of balloons, paper, pen, darts and a tape. Write different challenges for kids to be inserted in the balloons before inflating it, then tape the balloons in the illustration board. Here’s how the game works, each participant will pop the balloon using a dart and pick the challenge inside the popped balloon. Once the participant completed the challenge, he/she will receive a certain prize depending on the difficulty of the challenge.

Shoot that Ball

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Using different sizes of plastics cups, arrange the plastic cups and fill each cup in play with 4 to 6 ounces of water depending on the size of the cup. Using ping pong balls, have the participants stand at a distance and shoot the ball in one of the cups to win a prize. The prize depends on the size of the cup, if the participant land the ball in the smaller cup, it means bigger prize. The smaller the cup is the bigger the prize.

Go ahead and let your kids try these out! Let me know how it goes!

Now, there may be some of you who are having second thoughts about some of the activities I suggested. Don’t worry, I understand. You see, I’m a self-confessed protective mom who always chooses to be on the safe side, unmindful of the possible opportunities that my daughter could have experienced should I’ve allowed her to be more adventurous. But, I am starting to give her the freedom to explore and learn amazing things by letting her step outside her comfort zone.

All thanks to NIDO 5+, I am more confident to let Keisha experience these activities because of the Lactobacillus Protectus component that gives superior protection for kids aged 5+. Lactobacillus Protectus is a unique combination of two kinds of good bacteria that maintains balance in a child’s stomach and helps strengthen a child’s immune system.

Nido 5+

Other essential nutrients present in every glass of NIDO 5+ are CALCI-N®  which helps promotes our child’s physical growth because of better calcium absorption. It also has DHA, ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine that support brain development and function.

Nido 5+ Laking Amazing 4With all these fun activities I listed above, I can’t help but be more excited to spend quality time with my daughter. I’m sure my inquisitive Keisha will be very delighted to try all these and will scream “the best summer vacation ever!”. Now, I’m more confident to let her explore on her own and play outdoors because I know she’s well-protected – she’s a Laking NIDO, Protektado kid.

  1. You’re daughter looks like you. You both are so pretty. I hope you do more outdoor activities instead of letting her play on her ipad. That bubble games, it looks fun never had a chance to play with when I was younger.

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