Tokyo Tourism Promotion 2016: “Exciting & TOKYO”

If you are looking for a country with unique culture, kind and civilized people, delicious foods, and stunning landscapes there is no greater place than Japan. Also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, it is considered as one of the hottest destinations for Filipino travelers. As someone who’s never been to this country, I’m not totally surprised because I’ve always known that this country is one of a kind.

Tokyo City Promotion 2016There is drastic increase of Filipino travelers visiting Japan these past few years. In fact, the number has reached to 268,000 people in 2015, about four times larger than that of 2011. Mainly because the difficulties in obtaining visa for Japan, the major barrier for Filipino travelers to Japan, were eased in 2013 with the “alleviation of multiple entry visa regulations” and also the “simplification of single entry visa application for participants of packaged tours organized by accredited travel agencies”.

Koishikawa (2)

When I think of Japan, I imagine a country filled with sushi, ramen, tempura, trains, shrines, temples, Cherry blossoms, robots, and gadgets. I know that I’m not the only one. If I were given a chance to visit any place in the world, Japan is definitely on top my list.

Sushi (2)

I would love to visit Tokyo to eat real Japanese cuisine, dip into a hot spring, ride bullet train, shop in their malls, wander around the city, and experience the night life in Tokyo and festivals. I want to see every inch of Tokyo.

Aerial View (3)What intrigues me about Japan is how they managed to preserve their traditions up until now. It’s really amazing to see a technologically advanced country that still inclined to old practices. Last January, Tokyo Metropolitan Government kicks-off its tourism campaign with the launch of Tokyo City Promotion 2016 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City. The campaign aims to promote the beauty of Japan and attract more Filipinos to visit Tokyo this year for more fun and memorable adventures.

Tokyo Tourism In the seminar, not only Tokyo Metropolitan Government but also tourism related companies and organizations from Chiba prefecture had presentations to introduce the tourism information. Also the local governments of neighboring prefectures of Tokyo such as Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa had their own stand to appeal each prefecture at the business meeting area for travel agents.

Asakusa_Sensoji Shrine (5)

I’m really excited about the Olympic and Paralympics games in 2020. Looking forward to visit the “gateway of Japan”, Tokyo. The capital of Japan played an important role to promote inbound tourism. Also, Tokyo Metropolitan is also doing various efforts to establish the “TOKYO BRAND” as a tourist destination. And last October, Tokyo Metropolitan Government have launched the TOKYO BRAND logo and slogan “& TOKYO”, which is expressing the brand concept of “a city that promises all kinds of fun by constantly generating new styles while bringing tradition and innovation together”.

tokyo launchUnique – Where unique traditions and advanced culture coexist and come together
Excellent – Where everything is innovative and sophisticated
Exciting – constantly changing, dynamic, and vibrant
Delight – Overflowing with hospitality, friendliness, and sincerity
Comfort – Where everything is safe, accurate, and convenient, ensuring a pleasant experience

For the first time, Tokyo had a promotional event for travel agents and media in the Philippines to show the charms of Tokyo with the purpose of promoting the inbound tourism of Tokyo by using their logo and slogan. 


To attract more visitors, Tokyo Metropolitan Government showcased their plans towards 2020:

• Multilingual call center service for hotels
• Interactive digital signage
• Multilingual menu in restaurants
• Mobile-friendly citywide and free wifi

4 seasons of Japan and events to look forward:

Spring (March-May)
• Spring Flowers
• Cherry Blossom Viewing (early April)
• Spring Festivals

Summer (June-August)
• Fireworks & Bon-odori Dance Festivals (July-August)
• Summer Sales (late June)

Autumn (September-November)
• The Season for Big Appetites
• Tori no Ichi Festivals
• Autumn Foliage

Winter (December-February)
• Hatsumode (New Year’s visit to a shrine)
• Hatsu-uri (New Year’s first sale) and Winter Sales
• Illumination

Ueno_Onshi Park (2)With the theme “Exciting”, one of the unique values of Tokyo’s as a dynamic and energetic city which is constantly evolving, and with recognition of the interests of the Filipinos, Tokyo Metropolitan Government successfully promoted the tourism of Japan. They offered not only the latest information but also the easy-to-understand performative attractions, Japanese traditional instrument called shamisen and tea ceremony demonstration.


Thank you so much for having me! Not only I enjoyed the event but I learned a lot about the capital of Japan. Can’t wait to visit the country!!

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