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Kaye and Noel Globe My Starter PlanOn a day-to-day basis, I wear different hats portraying various roles at the same time, sometimes one after the other.  On top of my real life obligations – being a wife, mom and homemaker, I work in our family business – a tourist bus rental service where I handle the reservations and the administrative side. I also maintain an online shop where I sell some of my stuff. For quite some time, I have been a Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Mommy Blogger rolled into one and I must say it’s indeed a not-so-easy role to play to. Aside from these multiple roles, I am also doing some events hosting stints, which really makes me busy with more than a handful of deadlines to meet.

Globe MSPOf course, I cannot do all these roles alone though, I really want to claim that I am a Superwoman… =). I need the help of other people in order for me to accomplish the things I should, meet the deadlines and sometimes, meet my clients, too. Again, since I am not a Superwoman (in the literal meaning of the, I can’t go from one place to another or be at more than two places at the same time, so, my life saver is of course…. Guess what?….. (drum roll)… my Phone!

Iphone Globe PrepaidYes, my phone is more than my personal secretary, more than my planner and more than my researcher (at times when I need to google for something on the web)! I am able to save important dates and set reminders on my phones, save my to-do lists, contact my clients, as well as, call and text people whom I need assistance with something, and of course, go online, access Uber or Grab when needed, upload at-the-spur-of-the-moment photos, update my social media accounts and most importantly, posts or update my blog even when I am on the go, anytime, anywhere!

Globe My Starter Plan KThe only problem I had was when I run out of prepaid load or was about to consume my load, especially during important conversations with my family, friends and clients. At times, it also gets into my nerves when I need to search for something online and I don’t have enough load to access the internet. There were really times when I nearly lose a potential client because I was not able to immediately respond to his emails. Being able to go online anytime is such a convenience and I must say, one of the best things that life has to offer.

Globe Iphone 6s+Good thing I switched from Globe prepaid to Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan. Actually, this was a Christmas gift from my husband last year. I was really happy because with Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan, I don’t have to worry about getting another mobile phone number. Yes, you read it right, with this postpaid plan, I can still use my existing Globe prepaid number. Thus, I am spared from the laborious work of informing my contacts of the new number that I have.

Globe My Starter Plan a

Also, Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan is budget-friendly as it is available from Plan 300 and Plan 500, both plans provide free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic. These Plans are best for those who just need a basic call and text plan loaded with more data power! What’s also interesting about this plan and made it unique from existing plans is that I don’t have to worry of going over my plan limit because I am guaranteed of a fixed bill every month. And, in case I spend more than my plan limit, I can be able to top it up with prepaid load.

Globe My Starter Plan 300For Plan 500, it comes with unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM, 300 texts to other networks and 200 MB of data, while Plan 300 has 300 texts to all networks, 300 minutes to Globe and TM, and 200 MB worth of data.

Globe MyStarter Plan KayeFig

To learn more about what postpaid plan is best for you, visit, call 7301010, or visit a store nearest you.


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