The Healing Power of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The Healing Power of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Dry skin problems? This one is for you…

Over the years of my existence, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been a staple product in our home. It’s a miracle product that works in wondrous and multiple ways minus the hefty price tag. I can still remember my mom lathering it onto her legs to treat her super dry, flaky and itchy skin during Christmas season when the weather is cold. I’ve also witnessed how it quickly healed my youngest brother’s diaper rashes back then and our minor burns and bruises that we got from playing outside. From then on, I knew the healing power of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Vaseline 8Two days ago, I received a special kit from Vaseline. The kit contains Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, two variants of their lotions and  plant leaves. The leaves were used as a subject for a mini experiment that can attest the healing power of petroleum jelly. As you can see on the photo above, the leaves on the left side are not coated with Vaseline hence, the visible dryness,  while the right side where Vaseline was applied, moisture is retained on leaves, thus keeping them lustrous and moisturized.

Vaseline Lotions

  Vaseline Petroleum jelly 1As of posting, this is how the leaves look like today.

Have you seen the live billboard mounted by Vaseline along C5 last April 8-10? If in case you missed it, check this out:

Vaseline took this ultimate test to showcase and prove the healing power of Vaseline. It’s clearly evident in this video how the coated leaves kept its moisture and remained vibrant while the other half dried out completely. Just imagine what Vaseline can do to your dry skin. It’s really amazing!

Vaseline 2Just a little background, a New York-based chemist named Robert A. Chesebrough created a do-it-all product in the year 1859. This wonder jelly can heal burns, rashes, chapped skin, cuts, bruises and more. Later on, this was labeled Petroleum Jelly present in almost all households because of its undeniable healing properties and outstanding skin benefits.

Vaseline Petroleum jellyIn our everyday lives, we are exposed to numerous factors that can dry out and damage our skin. To simply put, our air-conditioned rooms, taking hot showers, the heat and pollution outside etc. make our skin dry. These unavoidable factors stripped off our skin’s natural moisture and hydration. To help Filipinas deal and solve their dry skin dilemma, Vaseline infused a wonder ingredient – micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly to its New Vaseline Body Lotions.

Vaseline 3Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion heals dry skin from within the epidermis with micro-droplets of Vaseline petroleum jelly as ingredient. This is perfect for everyday use.

Vaseline LotionI applied a pea-sized amount on my arm and I instantly loved the moisture it gave on my skin. It’s non-greasy, lightweight and easily absorbed by my skin. It has great scent too! My skin became softer in just one application without the greasy feel.  I’ll definitely recommend this to my mom who has super dry skin.

Vaseline Lotions are readily available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion SRP:
100ml- 69.30
200ml- 126
400ml- 225

Take the Dry Skin Test to know the condition of your skin: I took the test and my result stated – mild dryness. Recommendation based on the website: “Your skin is fine, but it’s showing early signs of dryness. Before it gets worse, regularly apply Vaseline lotion to your skin. Make it a healthy habit today.”

Vaseline 7Heal dry skin from within with Vaseline Lotions! Try it yourself and share how it fared on your skin on the comment section below.

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