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Light is very important in our daily lives whether it’s a natural light or artificial light as it eliminates darkness to help us see better, brightens our home/workplace, serves as time, and guides us throughout the day. It also affects the mood of each individual. Don’t you feel when you’re in a place with a poor lighting, you feel more anxious and dull but when you’re in a well-lit place, you feel more lively, safe and secure?

When decorating a house, people usually tend to forget the importance of lighting. This is the most common misconception. No matter how expensive your furniture or decorations, without proper lighting it won’t look perfect. Every aspect should complement each other in order to bring out that captivating look of your space. Remember that, lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and ambience of each room so getting it right from the start is a must.

Orbik The Light Experts Living RoomEach room requires different types of light depending on its style and purpose, and it can make or break the functional and aesthetic design of it. Make sure that you carefully planned for it so that you can you get what really fits for your space. Hiring a lighting specialist is also an option to make it easier for you.

Orbik The Light Experts 1Picking a light bulb for your home can be difficult and confusing given the sheer number of options to choose from. It’s always important to take into consideration how big and the function of the space, this is to ensure that you buy a bulb that has a wattage fit to its function. To get the right amount of illumination/light specific for its function, look at the lumens, not the wattage.

With the frequent rise of electricity charge, many people are now looking for ways to cut down their monthly bills one of which is by switching to LED bulbs. The price is a little bit higher than the regular bulbs but these bulbs are proven to be energy efficient and will last longer.

Orbik The Light Experts 2Your room can be transformed in the switch of a single light bulb. But with low-quality bulbs, you’ll find yourself more hassled than benefited with the transformation if you have to keep changing it! This is where LED makes a difference.

Recently, I was able to attend the media launch of #Orbiklightexperts held at Cafe Naya. The place was absolutely stunning. Filled with splendid LED lights from Orbik designed by the renowned interior designer, Cyndi Fernandez.

Orbik The Light Experts Cyndi FernandezI switched to LED bulbs a little over two years ago, and there’s no doubt that it reduced our electricity bills. To those who are planning to switch, make sure to avail only an authorized seller because there are a lot fake LED bulbs out there which tend to overheat.

Brief history of Orbik:

• Founded in 2007 by renowned trading company Rockford Marketing Corporation (RMC), Orbik was created as a direct response to the local need for accessibility to quality lighting that is efficient and reliable.
• RMC has over 40 years of experience in lighting, having been established in 1971, and decided that they were ready to offer the Philippines high-quality illumination solutions that address specific needs and work to the highest efficiency.
• As local experts with an international background in lighting, Orbik is the go-to local lighting expert in the country.

During the event, we were able to learn more about the importance of lighting in our spaces and get to know their products Orbik LED light bulbs.

Orbik The Light Experts

Orbik showcased their full range of LED bulbs and other lights that assure energy efficiency, unlike other brands. Their focus is not on the price of the product, but on what kind of light functions should be needed. At Orbik, they consider themselves as light experts because they want to educate consumers about LED light bulb use.

Orbik The Light Experts OnglaoFor Architect Conrad Onglao, “lighting serves different purposes: accent lighting to highlight artwork, indirect lighting to create mood, or task lighting on desks or above kitchen counters where clear light is necessary. Function and design should complement one another. For instance, a bedroom should have soft and warm lighting while an office space has bright white lighting to keep one alert. There is no blanket lighting solution for all spaces.”

Traditional lighting dictates a central light fixture in the room to illuminate everything but for a more sophisticated look, you could also play around with positioning lamps in certain areas to highlight key focal points such as a bookshelf or an accent piece of furniture.

Orbik The Light Experts 4It’s amazing that Orbik bulbs have both warm white (yellowish feature) and daylight (crisp white color) options.

Choosing the right amount of lumen to illuminate your space can make or break the overall feel of your personal/home. Too little lumen or too much can be equally bad, making it hard to focus on task at hand and can change the feel of your space from a soothing one to an uncomfortable. There make sure to get the proper lighting that will sufficiently illuminate your space, for long lasting benefits.

Orbik The Light Experts 5I’m totally impressed by this Orbik LED bulb withBluetooth speaker. This light bulb can stream music from any smartphone device with Bluetooth connectivity. You can adjust the brightness and volume of the bulb using the remote control provided. Isn’t it cool a light bulb with speakers? Can’t wait to set up mine.

How to use:
1. Turn on your Bluetooth and match the device.
2. Open your music player.
3. Play the music.

The energy-efficient bulb is touted for its low environmental impact and cost-effectiveness as its outdated predecessor for lasting over 3 times longer. Going LED means saving money, effort, and the environment – it’s a win all-around!

Orbik The Light Experts

Reasons why I highly recommend Orbik LED bulbs:

• More efficient but less energy consumption
• The bulbs don’t heat up, you can touch it even after using it.
• Free from toxic chemicals
• Environmental friendly
• Durable and longer life span than its competitors
• Wide range selection of LED products

Kaye for Orbik

So if you’re on the lookout for your new LED bulbs for your home or light fixtures make sure to check out Orbik’s products. They provide affordable yet quality LED lighting solutions to give better lighting experiences. Also, if you’re eco-friendly this is the perfect choice for you! Not only you’re going to save money but also our Mother Earth. It’s never too late to switch. Be smart, choose Orbik! Surely, one of the best brands to date in our country.

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