Meet Oilatum’s New Soothe and Protect Baby Line

As a mom, I want to provide all the best to my little darling, Keisha. I constantly make sure that she is in the best shape so as she can enjoy her childhood – playing out in the sun and doing what she loves to do. Since she’s still young, I know her skin is still prone to dryness and itching, especially when exposed to the harsh environment we have now due to air pollution and other skin irritants.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Line Luckily, Keisha and I got the chance to attend the product launch of Oilatum’s New Soothe and Protect Baby Line, hosted by Ms. Isabel Oli Pratts held at Cafe Naya in BGC. At the entrance of the venue, we were surprised as we saw our pictures posted side by side with other respectable bloggers and celebrities. The brand and its PR team – Spark It, indeed exerted an extra effort to make us all feel more welcomed and special.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Line Mommy Kaye with Keisha

Oilatum Launch 1There’s a special arts and crafts corner where kids unleashed their creative talent and a mini playground with slide where they played. There were ladies who assisted our kids while we were busy listening to the presentation.

Oilatum Launch4Keisha loved her Pouf fish cotton candy to bits.

Oilatum_4Sugar overload with these yummy sweets…

During the event, dry skin was thoroughly explained – how our skin is composed of different layers for different purposes. The outermost layer, stratum corneum, is responsible for protecting our skin from irritants and allergens, as well as, to maintain the proper moisture level so as to prevent dryness of the skin that can lead to breaking.  Within this layer are the hydrated cells surrounded by a fatty layer to enhance skin protection. When this layer is depleted or dehydrated, a condition called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) occurs and eventually ends to dry skin; and with dry skin comes susceptibility – susceptibility to easy penetration of irritants to the outer layer of the skin leading to itchiness and irritation.

Oilatum Launch 7As we all know, baby’s skin are sensitive to pollutants and other skin irritants because the protective layer (stratum corneum) is still thin and delicate that must be given extra care to prevent dry skin and the accompanying complications.  This is where Oilatum’s New Sooth and Protect Baby Line comes in.


Oilatum Launch 10For over 50 years, Oilatum has proven itself to provide effective dermatological products to care for babies’ skins. Now, their new line aims to break the cycle of dry skin that causes skin irritations and provide immediate relief and long-term prevention of dry, irritated skin. This Sooth and Protect Baby Line contains nourishing mineral oils and moisturizers to maintain the natural moisture of baby’s skin and enhance its protection properties – this is called the Oilatum Skin Life Cycle.

These are the dermatologically-developed and clinically-tested Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Line:

Oilatum Launch 14

  • Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Moisturizing Lotion (200mL) – help soothe and protect your baby’s skin, including the newborns, thus preventing skin dryness; SRP: PhP 450
  • Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Bath Foam (300mL)  – safe for daily to prevent dry skin and irritation; SRP: Php 360
  • Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Shampoo (200mL) –  best for babies starting from day one since its kind on the eyes; this is an effective cleanser for hair and scalp with detangling and static control properties to easily manage our little one’s delicate hair and scalp; SRP: Php 300
  • Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Head to Toe Wash (300mL) –  for whole body cleansing to lessen dry and irritated skin with daily use; SRP PhP 400

Oilatum Launch AttendeesWith my fellow mommy bloggers and their kids, and Ms. Isabel Oli-Pratts

Thank you Oilatum for having us!

For more information on how to take care of your baby’s delicate skin and other Oilatum products, you may visit the Oilatum Philippines website and their Facebook page

Oilatum is available at Mercury Drugstore, Rustan’s Fresh, Landmark, Royal Duty Free and Rose Pharmacy and will soon be available at Shopwise, Robinson, and SM Save More.

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