Kiss Aging Goodbye: Join Watsons Campaign Against Aging and Win Shopping Points

Are you wondering why some people look younger or older than their real age? Do you believe that it is because of genetics, lifestyle, health, or a combination of all these?  Let’s be real, aging is something that is inevitable. All of us will age in time. However, while we can’t stop the time and look forever young, we can slower the appearance of  wrinkles, skin pigmentation, crow’s feet on our eye area, and the other visible signs of aging on our skin most especially on our face.

Nowadays, with all the stress and bad habits that come with our hectic, modern lives, women are aging faster than ever before. Do you agree? Luckily, on my part, whenever I meet people most of them think that I’m still young and single. Well, I guess it’s safe to say that I look younger than my real age. Let me share with you my secrets – I make sure that I get adequate sleep, drink 8 glasses of water or more everyday, take multivitamins and apply sunscreen and my trusted skincare beauty products to keep my skin soft and hydrated.

Looking younger than your age is the new trend right now. Believe me, it’s the best compliment you’ll hear when you’re above 25 years of age. Thus, if you wish to look younger and fresher, change your lifestyle for the better because you can really combat aging by taking proper good care of yourself.

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Event 1Did you know that signs of aging start to manifest as early as your 20s? If you’re not careful, those cute little laugh lines that are now making an early guest appearance, might just stay on until they’re full-pledged crow’s feet. But worry no more, as Watsons is helping thousands of Filipinos with their latest Kiss Aging Goodbye Campaign.

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye EventThe Kiss Aging Goodbye Campaign Launch was hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart held at Watsons Podium.

According to Watsons Marketing Director, Ms. Viki Encarnacion, “The Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign is what Watsons is all about. It’s an educational effort with a two-pronged approach, teaching our customers how to prevent the negative effects of aging by taking care of themselves inside and out. We are literally helping people ‘Look good. Feel great.’ And it’s a wonderful thing.”

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Campaign

Look younger and fresher with great deals and discounts on anti-aging products at Watsons! Just buy products with Kiss Aging Goodbye sticker. A total of P1,000,000 Shopping Points will also be given away.

SMAC E-Raffle Promo Mechanics:

Every P500.00 in a single-receipt purchase inclusive of one (1) participating brand entitles a member to one (1) e-raffle entry to get a chance to win as much as P200,000 worth of shopping points.

Member must present his/her SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards, or PriMo cards upon paying at the cashier counter.

All participating products will have the Kiss Aging Goodbye sticker.

Promo will run from August 4 to September 21, 2016 and valid at all Watsons branches and at the Beauty Section of The SM Store.

Here are the participating products to combat the signs of aging:

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Event 2
Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Event 4

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Event 6To help you reduce the wrinkles: L’Oreal Dermo Expertise Revitalift Range – a skin care solution inspired by laser, that promises younger looking skin in 4 weeks.

Collagen by Watsons Intensive Nourishing Facial Mask – enriched with Collagen and Vitamin E to repair dryness and enhance skin’s elasticity. Topicals and creams are a great start to your anti-aging regimen, but stop there, and you’re only scratching the surface.

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Event 8
Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Event 5

Did you know that a lot of the signs of aging we see on the outside is caused by the body breaking down on the inside? Calcium deficiency and lack of collagen are the two common culprits. It’s a fact that feeling so great inside radiates on your outside look. And, to help you prevent a haggard look, you should give yourself the added nutrition you need in the form of food supplements and ingestible beauty aids like iVi Collagen Ready-To-Drink – one of Watsons’ favorites, with 10,000 mg of Collagen that helps smoothen fine lines and lighten dark spots for that forever-young glow.

Watsons KayeTake note of these major factors that contribute to aging: stress, not drinking enough water, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, improper nutrition, and sun exposure.

Before you run out to the store, make sure to remember these three things:

  • If you want to keep your beauty longer, keep your beauty bases covered from nutrition to skincare, inside and out.
  • You’re never too young to start looking old. Start preventive maintenance in your early 20s. If that ship has sailed, start as early as now.
  • There’s no better place to start your anti-aging regimen than the store that always brings you great beauty advice, amazing products, and fantastic prices – and that’s no other than Watsons!

Watsons Kiss aging goodbye kaye levy michelleWith Levy and Michelle

Watsons Kiss Aging GoodbyeI am grateful to be part of the Kiss Aging Goodbye Campaign. Now, I’m more enlightened on how to take care of my skin and body. And, I hope you get inspired as well to look younger and fresher as you age.

So what are you waiting for lovelies, visit your nearest Watsons and let’s all kiss aging goodbye!


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