Zumba Fun Day + Visit to Robinsons Supermarket Antipolo

Few weeks ago, I attended a morning Zumba dance session together with my fellow mommy bloggers and the hard-working Robinsons Supermarket team at Tipulo in Antipolo. Robinsons Supermarket has indeed taken a higher step with its year-round wellness campaign as it encourages its employees to have a Zumba workout once a week after office.

Zumba Fun DayI’m one of those who don’t really exert effort to go to the gym or even do some stretching at home. I’m the laziest person when it comes to that plus I easily get bored doing repetitive routines. That’s why I’m glad when Zumba came into the picture. Now, I get to workout and exercise without feeling that real “workout vibe”. For me, it’s like a social dance party which I get to enjoy with my colleagues. I love that the music is fast, upbeat and not boring.

That’s why when I got an invite to attend a Zumba session, I immediately gave my big YES plus it’s with the Robinsons Supermarket team and my fave PR Agency whom I both adore dearly so I can’t really let it pass.

Robinsons Supermarket Zumba Day 1Our Zumba dance party started with a slow music to stretch our muscles. If I’m not mistaken, we were supposed to finish 15 dance songs. I was too excited and energetic when we started.

Robinsons Supermarket Zumba Day 2But, after the song Footloose, OMG, it’s like I’m gonna collapse already. Haha! I actually went on the side, drank a glass of water and breathed calmly. I didn’t want to cause a commotion in the group that’s why I stayed calm and collected. But, thank God, I got back to my senses without no one noticing that I almost collapsed.

Robinsons Supermarket ZumbaBeing so tired, I wasn’t really sure if we finished the 15 songs or if our dance instructor cut some parts. With all the calories I burned, I felt so light and happy afterwards. I guess I excreted too much endorphins – the happy hormones.

Robinsons Supermarket Zumba Day 3Our post-Zumba look =) Do we still look fresh?

After our gruel-some yet super fun Zumba dance party, we had a sumptuous buffet lunch at Tipulo. I’ve read somewhere that you can eat whatever you want after workout because your metabolism is working fast. Hence, what goes in your body will be digested and burned easily.

Here’s what I had for lunch…

Lunch at Tipulo

Visit to Robinsons Supermarket Antipolo

We freshened up and headed to Robinsons Supermarket Antipolo. It was my first time to visit Robinsons Antipolo hence, I was extra excited to find out if it’s as spacious as Robinsons Metroeast. And, it didn’t disappoint, it’s big, has a good ambiance and good lighting. Arrangement of the products were pleasing to the eyes, not too crowded, just neatly arranged and sorted.

Robinsons Supermarket Zumba Day 4What I love best in Robinsons Supermarket is their Health and Wellness section where various healthy products are specially arranged in shelves accordingly – Weight Control Choices, Choices for a Healthy Heart, Guilt-Free Low Sugar, Adult Supplements & Medicines, Kids Supplements & Medicines, Nutrition Power for Kids, Bone Builders and the Healthy You section.

Robinsons Supermarket AntipoloFor certified healthy picks approved by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, grab the products with the Green Tags. This simply means that the product has at least 3 or more health benefits like low calorie, low fat, low in saturated fat, sugar free, low cholesterol, low sodium, source of protein and source of dietary fiber.

Green TagFor the month of July, Robinsons Supermarket had a Freshtival campaign where consumers can get discounts and avail of promos when they purchase the specific product offer for the day. For full details, you may read it HERE.

Robinsons Supermarket AntipoloOn that same weekend, there’s an ongoing Wellness Caravan where several healthy brands participated like Ceres, Fitbar, Nutrive Benecol, Diabetasol and Nestle.

Robinsons Supermarket Zumba Day 5Consumers were handed a passport where they had to accomplish 6 activities in order to get a special prize. Of course, these were not only activities for fun but also, to educate consumers about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage them to take part in their #ILoveWellness campaign.

Robinsons Supermarket Antipolo 2We tried the activities ourselves. I took part in the Salad Pong game. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the challenge and didn’t shoot even one ball to the plastic cup after several tries. Haha.

Robinsons Supermarket AntipoloThe other challenges were Heart on the Move, Discover Wellness and Bike Together.

Allow me to share this video clip from our whole-day activities:

With Robinsons Supermarket’s continuous #ILoveWellness campaign, I hope most of you are gearing towards a healthier lifestyle and more nutritious choices when it comes to food. Remember, health is wealth. So let’s all take care of ourselves and live a happier life.

Robinsons Supermarket Zumba Day 6Thank you so much Robinsons Supermarket and Stratworks! Looking forward to our next Zumba sesh!

How about you mommies, what’s your take on Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness campaign?

For more information about Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness campaign, you may visit the following:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/RobinsonsSupermarketOfficial/
IG: @robsupermarket

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