DS Cafe: Nutritional Diet Haven for Diana Stalder Patrons

If one wants to be healthy, one must know how to take care of his body including eating the right kinds of food. A balanced diet will prevent health problems and help your body function better. Make sure to eat just the right amount of food because overeating and undereating are also detrimental to health.

Before, I usually eat any food without looking at the nutritional label, but I decided to change my eating habits. I did not feel the difference immediately. Well, nothing works overnight. But after a couple of weeks, I feel more lively and better than ever. The transition is hard at first but trust me it will be all worth it.

Nowadays, most Filipinos love fast-food chain restaurants and often eat whatever food on the table without thinking if it’s healthy or not. There were days that we just rely on ready-to-eat meals which I’m quite sure has preservatives on it. Well, worry no more as Diana Stadler is here to help you to achieve your beauty and health goals.

diana-stalderSince the holistic system could not be effectively conducted within the limited confines of a typical skincare center, Dina Stalder, President and CEO, established the ds Cafe to comprehensively serve as a nutritional diet haven for Diana Stalder patrons.

The company takes pride as the only skincare center in the country that offers a distinctive health and refreshment lounge to give clients utmost comfort and skincare boost.

Brief History of Diana Stalder:

Since 1996 until today, Diana Stalder Face, Body, and Skincare Center has consistently made every skin it cared and treated, always better. A division of Swisse-Phil Holdings Corporation, this prominent name offers a combination of excellent formulation and treatments that cater to the general or customized needs of skincare clientele.

Diana Stalder’s reputation is strengthened by its research-based approach towards product development, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities, a well-trained and service-oriented team, world-class products, and skincare centers that exude the assurance of premium quality result.

diana-stalder-6The company sources the distinct premium formulations from Stalder Laboratories, an FDA-approved quality manufacturing facility that is GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), and compliant to the ASEAN Harmonization for Cosmetic Regulations standards. It also distributes the same products to international markets, which includes the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia.

diana-stalder-1During the event, they discussed the importance of being healthy and how to take care of skin. I have learned that what you eat has an enormous impact on how your skin looks. So if you are eating unhealthy foods expect that your skin to be dry and dull. And if you are eating healthy foods expect that your skin to be soft and supple.

dS Cafe serves as a nutritional diet haven for Diana Stalder patrons. It offers a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, consisting mainly of organic greens, protein-rich dishes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices.

diana-stalder-4With Ms. Stalder’s devotion to alternative healing methods, she is set to include an organic juice bar, in partnership with Cebu’s famed Healing Present & Wellness Center, which utilizes nature’s organic produce in preparing healthy juices that detoxify and cleanse the body. These so-called “Healing Juices” were proven to have cured numerous people suffering from health disorders, including serious conditions like cancer and kidney disease, while also helping eliminate the need for maintenance medications.

diana-stalder-5Well, this is truly a game changer because this will help Filipinos grasp how nutrition is beneficial and affects overall health. Diana Stalder clients will not only look great but definitely, feel great as well. Thank you for inviting me, I learned a lot of health tips including what foods to eat that would make my skin better. Hoping to see more dS Cafe branches soon.



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