Tang #WeAreHomeMade: Lessons We Learned At Home

Home is the best place in the world. The only place where most of us feel comfort and sense of belongingness. The place where we first learn what love feels, why there is a difference between right and wrong or how things come to be. Suffice to say, our personal journey usually starts at home.

We all have experienced and learned different things from easy times to difficult challenges at home that made us who we are today. We are formed by the hands that guide us and by the bond that connects our family. Home is where we begin to dream, to trust and to understand. It is the extension of our personality, a reflection of who we are.

Ever since I became a mother, raising my daughter the best way I know has always been my top priority because I want her to grow as a kind, loving and healthy individual. A parent should always ensure the overall  welfare of their children. Big or small, it’s what parents do that builds and shapes the personality of their kids.

tangFor me, a perfect home is one that exudes love and positivity, regardless of the structure. Tang Philippines knows that a home filled with homemade goodness is a home full of love. That’s why they came up with a campaign highlighting each one’s experiences at home and how Tang juice drink has became part of every Filipino’s story. Well, I must say that Tang has been a part of our family life. My family and I shared so much stories on breakfast, lunch time, merienda, and dinner while sipping this juice drink.

Here’s a video indicating the presence of love at home in all forms:

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