Taking the First Step Toward Normalcy after a Disaster

Your home is your most valuable asset. It provides you and your family with the comfort and safety that is too easy to take for granted until a disaster strikes. While your home may be protected by your homeowner’s insurance policy, it remains vulnerable of being rebuilt or repaired until the full extent of the damage is surveyed and recorded.


When a tragedy like a fire, flood, or other uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstance hits your home, you can take the first important steps toward normal by relying on professionals like your insurance agent, a public insurance adjuster, and others who are trained to respond quickly to such events.

Acting Quickly after a Disaster

The first few days after your home has been destroyed or damaged are crucial to reclaiming your future. You must contact someone who can come out and survey the damage for you and your insurance company.

Without knowing the monetary loss, your insurer cannot compensate you for repairs or the replacement of your home. Before you allow any work to be done on your home, you must first have it inspected so that the insurer can get a full report of the damage quickly.

If your own insurance company does not have an adjuster available or you want an objective third-party assessment of your home, you may do well to hire one of these professionals who works for an outside party. Insurance adjusters have the obligation of keeping costs as low as possible for their employers.

A third-party adjuster, however, can give a fair assessment and reveal the genuine cost of what it will take to fix or replace the damages. When you want to get the full dollar amount so that you can rebuild and move on with your life, you may prefer to rely on a third-party adjuster rather than one from your insurer.

Eligible Disasters

One of these professionals can respond after a number of different circumstances. You can reach one after your home has been damaged or destroyed in a fire, flood, or tornado.

They are also available to help during rarer events like your home being lost in a sink hole or a lightning strike that damaged your home’s electrical system. When the home damages are recorded and assessed fairly, you can receive faster compensation and move your life toward normalcy again sooner.


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