How to Accessorize on a Budget

While women can jazz up a simple outfit by accessorizing properly, doing so is often expensive. However, those dressing to impress typically prefer to spend their wardrobe budget on clothing, leaving little cash for accessories. The good news is that those who are willing to shop online can often find excellent deals on attractive, unique accessories, and they may even be able to land certain items at an exceptional bargain.

Casual dresses, jeans, capri pants and other feminine favorites can be paired with dressier tops to create an outfit that is appropriate for a wide range of informal or outdoor activities. Even hitting the beach can be a fashion statement of its own, which means that finding versatile accessories is an important part of maximizing a wardrobe budget.

Belts, chunky jewelry and handbags are classic items that never truly fall out of fashion, making them the perfect items to create a framework for accessories. Regardless of the specific items selected, covering the basics is an excellent place to begin.

Belts are a useful accessory that can be used to start a collection; many women choose to begin with one brown, one black and one cloth belt in another neutral color, such as tan or beige. Both functional and fashionable, belts are useful for many occasions.

While jewelry tastes vary almost as much as the accessories that that are available, it is common to add a splash of color to garments that are black, white, grey or another basic hue. When simple, classically colored clothing is worn, consider pairing it with chunky, retro jewelry in red, teal, bright blue or another attention-grabbing color.

Quality handbags are expensive, and those with a taste for specific designers may have an even harder time ensuring that their preferred style of bag is affordable. A good rule of thumb is to purchase one formal handbag for important occasions and use affordable, attractive items to supplement outfits that do not call for a stunning, though expensive, handbag. While these may still seem pricey in many cases, many lines are far more affordable; for example, the Baggu line offers plenty of style without leaving buyers with sticker shock.


When selecting accessories on a budget may seem difficult, careful planning can make the process a whole lot of fun for many shoppers. Take accessory shopping online to make it even more affordable.

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