#KeishaTurns7: Keisha’s 7th Birthday Same Day Edit Video by Shutter Count

Hi loves!

My daughter, Keisha, celebrated her 7th birthday last October 23 at Renaissance Convention Center in Marikina. How time flies, right? I haven’t even blogged about her first birthday yet, and now, she’s seven. OMG! Well, I promise to find time and share details of her yearly parties. (crossing my fingers)


Just a quick update, I’m slowly getting back to my daily schedule so please be patient if I don’t have much blog entries. I’ll try to make this space more personal as possible.

For her 7th birthday party details, the series will be tagged as #KeishaTurns7, I hope you’re interested to find out the preparations we did from my choice of venue down to the smallest detail. I’m just waiting for the official photos and videos since I only have limited shots captured on my phone.

For now, allow me to share the same day edit video by Shutter Count Photography shown during her party:

My family would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who attended Keisha’s party. More than your presents, we appreciate more your presence. Thank you for making Keisha the happiest on her special day!


Mommy K

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