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There’s long been a need for underwear that offers the support of a girdle with the look of panties and the sexiness of lingerie, and finally, there’s a company that offers all of that and more. has a keen selection of cotton Mamia underwear that looks sexy, clean and alluring, while also offering a woman the support and coverage she needs to get through the day.

The selection of women’s underwear from Mamia on is plentiful and pretty, to say the least. Women who want great underwear choices will be forgiven if they go a little coo-coo crazy with the selection of great gear on this site. Mamia has a range of cotton panties here in styles that will please every kind of fashion forward underwear enthusiast out there, which is why most shoppers will be forgiven for really stocking up for the winter with this great selection of panties.

A Range of Great Mamia Styles

Mamia is a brand that offers a solid cotton structure in its underthings, so there’s no worry about wearing panties that will quickly fray and disintegrate. The cotton construction in these undies makes them breathable, wearable and comfortable, and the fetching designs mean these are underpants that will be worn frequently and stylishly.

The range of styles in panties by Mamia means there’s really something here in this selection for every kind of woman. The cotton bikini panty with lace style is delicate and lovely, while the extended bikini pantie gives a little more coverage. The cotton boy shorts style panties are feminine yet sporty, for those who like a little edge in their underwear choices. And for those gals who like to really get a little wild, Mamia has cotton thong style panties with a “Wild Girl” logo imprint. Yes, this brand goes from demure to sassy in a hurry, which is why it’s a favorite with so many women today.

For women who want to stock up on lingerie, Mamia also offers choices in smooth and lovely brassieres on the site, so there really is something for everyone here.

When it’s time to explore new looks and new ways of wearing underwear, check out the quality choices available now from Mamia, on

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