Celebrate Christmas with Basilur Tea

Christmas season is here and everyone’s busy shopping for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. While some have no problem packing their gifts, others may have a hard time choosing the best gift for their “health-conscious” family members and friends.

basilur-teaWorry no more, because Basilur Tea is the answer to your problems. Yes, you read it right; tea is the perfect gift for the health buffs because it brings so many benefits to our body. Studies had shown that drinking tea on regular intervals has proven to bring in health benefits as tea decreases the risk of having certain types of cancer, lowers heart-related medical conditions, boosts the immune system, preserves the tooth, improves the mood, lowers blood pressure, thus, lowers the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure), increases bone density to keep the body’s bones healthy and strong, keeps good blood circulation, lowers the stress levels, and of course, tea is rich in anti-oxidants! Most of us, especially the “aging ones” (no offense meant..) know that anti-oxidants are effective in keeping our youthful glow by fighting the dreadful signs of aging such as wrinkles.

basilur-tea-1In addition to the mentioned health benefits, tea is the best alternative for water, because tea has no calorie content. So you get to hydrate with a twist! I mean, by water alone, you get hydrated and with some minute amount of electrolytes, but with drinking a cup of tea, you get hydrated with the flavors you love! Also, tea has less caffeine than coffee (about 50% less for traditional tea) or zero caffeine in blended teas. Carbonates, sodium and fats are also not found in tea; and with these, metabolism is accelerated because tea can help burn fats, thus helping in weight loss, especially this holiday season, where parties are everywhere; and when there are parties, foods will always be present.

Now, if you don’t want to miss out on those delectable and enticing foods, you can have them minus the guilt because drinking tea afterwards significantly help your metabolism and burn those extra calories you had.

basilur-tea-3So to show you really care, it is highly recommended that you give tea as presents to your friends and families this Christmas season. Wait, not just ordinary tea, ok? Give them Basilur Tea, aside from being uniquely packaged in decorative metal tin caddies (perfect for the Holiday), it also comes in unique shapes that your friends will surely love! One of the recommended gifts for your loved ones this Christmas is the Basilur’s Teabook Collection, which contains 32 tea bags n 4 variants.


basilur-tea-4So why Basilur Tea? It is made in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), which is known for producing the world’s finest teas. Basilur Teas are ethnically produced. Sri Lanka has the perfect weather and soil condition to grow this noble herb. Teas from this place is ozone-friendly and handpicked. Moreover, Ceylon teas are manufactured in an orthodox method, which means that it takes time to manufacture but produces better teas in the process.

basilur-5Personally, I love having a cup of tea, especially when I feel bloated or just came from a party where I tend to eat a lot. With Basilur Tea, I get to have a refreshing taste of my favorite flavors that is perfectly blended plus all the benefits I mentioned above! What more can I ask for (in a tea, that is)?

Let’s celebrate Christmas with Basilur Tea and spread love with a cup of good cheer!


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