Robinsons Selections Wine & Liquor Festival

It’s our favorite month of the year again, and there is no better way in welcoming it with a glass of scrumptious wine, right? Just in time, I was invited by Robinsons Selections for their wine and liquor festival at the Venice Grand Canal Mall.

To be honest, I’m not really a wine drinker but every Christmas we always make sure that we have a bottle of wine because it brings the holiday spirit even more. Not to mention, wine can also be a fantastic present for our loved ones, friends, and colleagues or a perfect piece to bring for a Christmas party.

The event started with a personality quiz in which we were given a test to discover the drink that best suits our personality. We were given cocktail mixes and were given a list of the sparkly ingredients in their cocktail glasses. We can be the natural, the city chic, the creative, or the romantic.

The NATURAL – Confident but not self-centered. Doesn’t dwell on problems but rather driven towards positive outcomes.

PALOMA: Tequila, Grapefruit juice, and Lemon-lime soda.

The CITY-CHIC – Sophisticated and elegant. You stand out in a crowd. Your distinct look and enthusiasm make you unique.

MANGO BASIL MARGARITA: Tequila, Triple sec, Ripe Mango, Basil leaf, Margarita mix.

The CREATIVE – Goal oriented. Innovative. Imaginative. Playful. Can handle difficult situations and different aspects of issues and can come up with optimal solutions. Resists rules and conventions.

STRAWBERRY CHILLI MOJITO Rum: Strawberry puree, Tabasco sauce, Mint leaves, Fresh lime and Margarita mix.

The ROMANTIC – A sensitive listener. You’re passionate about everything you do. You have a rich interior life of thoughts and feelings. You often explore both the dark and bright sides of a situation and often see life with an ironic twist. You search for deeper emotions and encourage others to get in touch with what is important to them. You like discovering new things.

SWEET PASSION INGREDIENTS: Gin, Triple sec, Passion fruit syrup, Pineapple juice, and Grenadine.

Robinsons Marketing Manager, Ms. Aja Totanes showcased their wide range collection of liquors and mixes available at the Robinsons Selections. The wines and spirits section is one of the largest selections in town; they offer from cheap to high-end liquors and wines that will surely make your holiday even more special.

It was an amazing treat for everyone in attendance aside from the from the food and wines; we were also able to learn the science behind the wine and food from one of the best from the industry, Jorge Joseph. He is a Certified Wine and Spirit Education Trust graduate. He is also the Philippine Wine Merchants area sales and marketing manager and Stolichnaya Vodka Philippines country manager.

The event would not be possible without the collective effort of Robinsons Selections, Philippine Wine Merchants, and sponsors Absolute, Ginebra, Booze Online, Emperador, and Heineken.

Wine 101

Three popular styles of wine:

  1. Sparkling wine – Wine with bubbles / alcohol content of 7 to 12 percent / using red and white grapes
  1. Table wine – still wine, non sparkling, with an alcohol content range of 8 to 14 percent

Basic pairings:

GOSSIPS Sweet Lips Dolcetto & Syrah – Spicy Chorizo and Brie

MANTRAS Chardonnay – Brie

MONTES CLASSIC Cabernet Sauvignon – Cheddar

OXFORD LANDING Merlot – Double Smoked Ham, Gouda, and Turkey Ham

  1. Fortified wine – wine with added grape alcohol / 17 to 22 percent.

Examples: Port, Sherry, and Madeira.

Order of tasting:

  • Light to heavy
  • Sparkling to still
  • Young to old
  • Dry to sweet
  • Entry level to complex

The basic difference between White, Rose and Red Wine:

White wine        

  • black or white grapes
  • experience acidity
  • ideally chilled to 9 degrees
  • no skin contact
  • best drank young and fresh

Rose wine

  • black or white grapes
  • experience a little tannin
  • ideally chilled to 9 degrees
  • with little skin contact
  • best drank young and fresh

Red wine

  • black grapes
  • experience tannin
  • ideally chilled to 18 degrees
  • with skin contact
  • improves with time

How to describe wine:

Aroma – the smell of the wine

Dry – wine with no sweetness

Crisp – wine with refreshing acidity (can only be used in white wine)

Soft – wine with a mellow texture (example is merlot)

Body – how the weight of wine feels in your mouth, light, medium or full

Oaky – wine with aromas and flavors of oak

Tannin – the dry sensation that wine would leave your mouth after swallowing it

Vintage – the year the grapes were harvested

Fruity – wine with aromas and flavors of fruits

Young – wine whose vintage is closest to the current year

Mature – wine whose vintage is further from the current year

Balance – the harmony between acidity, tannins, fruit, oak and other elements in a wine

Finish – the final impression the wine would leave your mouth, it is short, medium or long.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event. It’s the perfect way to welcome the holiday season. Also, what I learned for this festival is very timely, and will surely try it at home for the Christmas Eve. Pump up your celebrations with the wide collection of liquors and mixes available at the Robinson Selections’ wines and spirits section

For more information, visit Robinsons Selections at:

Facebook: @RobinsonsSelections

Instagram: @Robselections

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