Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer Review

It’s hard to imagine that germs are everywhere and are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye. Based on studies, it is the main culprit that causes illness. To protect you and your family from germs, hygiene experts say you should focus your cleaning efforts on germ hotspots at home, such as cleaning cloths, sponge, phones, door knobs and etc., because it’s not a secret how many infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.

For moms out there like me, it is very important that we teach our kids the value of proper hygiene. Educating them about the diseases and infections caused and spread by germs like cold, flu, diarrhea, bronchitis, sore throat, conjunctivitis, etc., will help them realize why they should take self-cleanliness seriously. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

As parents, one of the things that we can do is to train them on the correct way of washing their hands to remove germs. However, there are times when our kids don’t have access to water and soap so we need to give them an alternative and an easier way to degerm their hands by using hand sanitizers.

If you are not yet using hand sanitizer or don’t know what brand to use, I recently discovered a new product that I instantly loved which is especially made for babies and kids, of course adults can use it too. Let me share with you the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer which is perfect for the whole family as it can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer is carefully formulated with glycerin that moisturizes and an ultra-mild fragrance that leaves skin fresh. This product is free of triclosan, parabens, benzalkonium chloride, quats, glycols, chlorine, formaldehyde carriers, petrochemicals, and most common allergens, hence, this is safe for babies and kids because they remove the harmful chemicals which are always present in sanitizers that are out in the market today.

The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer comes in 3 fresh scents: Peach, Green Apple, and Blueberry.

My daughter and I tried and tested these three and here’s our take on the scent…
Green Apple – has a crisp and sweet scent leaving the skin smelling fresh (green)

Blueberry – has a delicious and sweet fruity fragrance (violet)

Peach -smells like fresh peaches that resembles a mild vanilla and powdery scent (orange)

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer Price: P49.75 on all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide (50 ml)

I’m quite surprised that once you spray it on your hand, it doesn’t leave a sticky-feel. It dries out quickly and leaves the skin moisturized. Even my husband who loves to kiss my hand noticed its moisturizing effect plus the fresh scent that lingers for hours.

Keisha loves the scent of the Blueberry variant not to mention that among the three, violet is her favorite color. And, I’m happy that the playful design of the product’s packaging caught her eyes. Now, she’s more aware on the importance of bringing a hand sanitizer on her school lunch kit daily.

As for me, Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer is a must have in my make-up kit because it is my pre-makeup ritual to sanitize my hands especially when it will come into contact on my face. Who wants to have pimples? Definitely, not me! However, my heart is torn between the Green Apple and Peach variant so I just use them interchangeably depending on my mood.

For almost a week of usage, I must say that I now have a staple brand of hand sanitizer that I can use both for myself and for my 7-year old daughter. Though, she’s already 7 and now attending big school, I still treat her like a baby and, just like before, I still choose a safe and hypo-allergenic product with no harmful ingredients but, delivers effective results for her.

Do I recommend this product to my fellow moms? The answer is a big YES! Yes, because aside from its  formulation and proven effectivity, this product is crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms by BELO. If I ask you to name one famous and trusted dermatologist in the Philippines, only one name will pop out of your mind “Belo”. Since Dra. Vicki Belo is a trusted dermatologist who’s expert in caring for the skin, we are sure that this product is dermatologically tested and passed the high standards of the Belo Group.

To all the meticulous moms out there, I highly encourage for you to educate your kids to practice good hygiene even at an early age and equip them with products like Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer to keep their hands clean most especially before eating. This will surely lessen the risk of having infectious diseases which is common in kids.

Moms, give the best protective care for your family with #BeloBaby.

Have you tried this Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer? What’s your favorite scent? Care to share on the comments section below.


Mommy K

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  1. January 20, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    I love the packaging and the fact that it’s not sticky. I also like that the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer is sprayed on. I need some for my makeup kit.

  2. January 20, 2017 / 8:16 pm

    We don’t use much hand sanitizes around our home. I usually keep something in the car or my purse for when we are out and about. If these are small enough to take they would be wonderful.

  3. January 20, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    I always forget that I have hand sanitizer at my desk or in my bag. It is very useful for situation such as flying or when you’re in your car and don’t have access to a washroom.

  4. January 20, 2017 / 10:21 pm

    The little girl makes a sweet model. It’s a great idea to have flavored hand sanitizers. I have not seen those before.

  5. January 21, 2017 / 12:14 am

    I think I’d love the peach scent. It’s great that these are formulated for children and are gentle. They are definitely handy to have when you’re out!

  6. January 21, 2017 / 12:38 am

    This sounds like a great hand sanitizer!! I know with it being cold season we are going through quite a bit of sanitizer right now.

  7. Pam Wattenbarger
    January 21, 2017 / 6:58 am

    Keeping hands clean is the best way to prevent infections from spreading. This sounds like a great sanitizer for kids.

  8. January 21, 2017 / 8:10 am

    I am going to have to try this, as a teacher I am always around germs!!

  9. January 21, 2017 / 9:16 am

    The problem that I have with a lot of hand sanitizers is that it dries out my hands. This one has a moisturizer that would prevent that. I need to try this out.

  10. January 21, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    I always keep hand sanitizer in my purse. Started my daughter using it as soon as her age allowed her to. I haven’t heard of this brand before.

  11. January 21, 2017 / 11:21 pm

    We always have our hand sanitizer close by and the packaging is so cute on this one.

  12. January 22, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    Great way to keep those germs at bay. I love that these sanitizers come in really nice scents. Kids will surely love to have their hands smelling fresh and clean.

  13. Rebecca Swenor
    January 22, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    These Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers sounds awesome for children. I would not mind carring these in my purse either. The blueberry, apple, and peach sound like sense my niece”s kids would indeed love too. Thanks for sharing these awesome kids hand sanitizers.

  14. January 23, 2017 / 3:19 am

    Hand sanitizer is a must in my bag especially when my kids are with me. These looks like a great brand.

  15. January 23, 2017 / 5:58 am

    This sounds like a great hand sanitizer to keep hands hydrated in the winter. I always carry some with me in hopes of keeping my kids and I healthy, especially in the gross winter.

  16. January 23, 2017 / 6:22 am

    Like the idea of a baby hand sanitizer as some of them can be pretty harsh. Thanks for sharing.

  17. adriana
    January 23, 2017 / 11:32 pm

    I love this idea! This is so important especially in the winter – it’s tough keeping kids healthy but I think this could do the trick!

  18. February 2, 2017 / 1:45 am

    Sounds like great hand sanitizer! And the packaging is super cute – perfect for kiddos!

  19. Erika
    March 13, 2020 / 2:47 am

    I like the belo sanitizers, i just wish they put how many percentage of alcohol it has. A sanitizer can have alcohol but it’s not helpful in killing bacterias if it is only at 10%.

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