5 Ways to Bring Your Christian Community Together

When you feel like you are the only Christian in town, think again. There are Christians galore, but you might need to organize something to include them all in your life. To make new friends and revel in God’s love together, follow the advice of this article. There are 5 ways that you could bring your Christian brothers and sisters together.

Organize a Meet and Greet with New Residents

File a meet and greet under Christian speaking engagements, as these occasions are the perfect time for new church members to stand up and tell a little about themselves. You could learn so much about people if you just give them the time to chit-chat and open up.

Create a Christian-Friendly Community Website

There are DIY platforms that you can do from home now, allowing you to create a community website for local Christians. Post updates about church, start discussions about world news, or simply make new friends that have the same interests in common.

Ask the Community to Help with a Good Cause

Good causes bring people together, Christian or not. But, for a Christian audience, you could organize gift baskets or other ways to help locals. For example, you and your group could make sandwiches and lunches to feed the homeless. Or, go door-to-door to gather old blankets and sheets for animals at a shelter.

Invite Fellow Christians to At-Home Bible Studies

There is no better way to bond with fellow Christians that discussing your faith and what brought you to God. This could include regular Bible studies, as every person interprets His teachings differently. Keep an open mind and seek to befriend your fellow Christians during an in-depth study of the Bible.


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