Helpful Tips For Kid-Proofing Your Backyard

When you have little kids, it’s important that you make your home as safe as possible for them. Most parents deal with this inside by installing baby gates at stairways and door, covering electrical outlets, protecting water faucets, and hiding any dangerous or poisonous materials out of their children’s reach. They know to read the labels on items that they buy for their kids and avoid dangerous items like space heaters and candles. However, many people don’t stop to think about all of the dangers that exist outside of their front door. Here are few tips to help you secure your back yard so that the kids in your life can play there safely.

Install a Fence

This is the single most important thing you can do to kid-proof your back yard, especially if you live near any kind of street or body of water. Choose a local contractor with a good reputation and ask around before you get an estimate. For example, if you need fence installation Clearwater FL, choose an established company like Family Fencing Tamps to be confident that you’ll get a quality project. A good fence can mean the difference between life and death for the young people who are in your home.

Protect Pools

The most dangerous item in your back yard is a pool if you have one. Make sure that your pool is protected by a fence that is too big for any kid to climb over. Also make sure that the fence locks securely, as homeowners have been held responsible for pool drownings in the past when they hadn’t properly locked the fence surrounding it. If you have a ladder for the pool, put it away each time after you’re done using it.

Keep Cars Away

If you have a driveway, make sure that kids don’t play around or between any cars that park there. There have been many tragic stories where children are killed by their parents or by another driver accidentally because they were hiding or playing between or behind cars. Treat your cars like the dangerous items that they really are. At the same time, protect kids from the many dangerous tools and poisons that are used to keep cars in good repair. And be sure to always put your car keys in a secure location where no kids can reach them.

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