How to Book Cheaper Hotels in Baguio via Traveloka APP

I am one of those people who really love to travel because aside from enjoyment, it really helped me grow as a person from seeing and appreciating mother earth to getting to experience new cultures and doing new exciting things that you cannot do at home. Now that I have my own family, I carefully plan where and what kind of travel we will do not only because we have a kid but because travelling these days are not too cheap from the flight, place you will stay, food and etc. Until I discovered an app that can help me find affordable hotels be it local and international.

This useful application I found for booking hotel reservations is Traveloka. This app is not limited to hotel reservations only but you can also book flights and it offers a lot of discounted promos. Traveloka is a one-stop travel app that is very user-friendly unlike the other travel discount sites which are hard to navigate and riddled with pop-up ads. And as you know me, I am very scared to input my card number in a shady websites that lures you with Traveloka App is very easy to use and I will walk you through how to use it. Since we are planning to have a family outing, we all agreed to revisit Baguio to enjoy the cool breeze and escape Manila’s hot and humid weather. Also, we would love to devour the food delicacy and “pasalubong” Baguio has to offer. We plan to stay there for two days and one night so we need to find a place to stay where it is cheap, comfortable, and near many landmarks so we will use “Traveloka” to book for a Baguio hotel.

Open the app “Traveloka”. Now you can see where to go next if you need flight then tap flight but we are interested in hotel reservations so we will tap Hotel to start our reservation. We can also check if there is an ongoing promo in “Ongoing Promos” to see if they offer cheaper deals and discount coupons.

In time I’m writing this, there are 3 running hotel discount promos. We want to go to “Baguio” so we will look for a promo including Baguio on its list. Every week Traveloka offers different promo so upon reading this you might see new and better promo in the app.

Now we will find the Baguio hotel that will fit my family’s need. It must be cheap and near the landmarks we want to visit. Just tap the “hotels” and we start our booking by filling the details in our booking then search. We want budget hotel so we click the ‘budget” tab to prioritize the cheaper deals in the list.

The best feature I love in “Traveloka” is you can read reviews from other people, see the hotel’s location together with landmarks near it and hotel description directly from the app.

To see their rooms we will tap “Select Room” and now you can choose from the cheapest room up to the most expensive one and also we can change here the date when we will check-in and also the duration and no. of rooms.

Now I picked the room which costs Php 1743.06. To start the Booking Process, I press the ”select” tab..

Then we go to review our booking, once you are sure we will go to payment section.

There is a lot of payment option you can choose from depending on which is the most convenient for you.

After choosing our payment method we can also apply discount coupon, again “Traveloka” offers different discount coupons and promos every week. So I already input my discount coupon and the room just costs Php 800 less but I can’t take a screenshot because it is a DRM protected page.

Once we completed our payment, our booking is finished already. Isn’t this very easy and more convenient than going to a travel agency to book you up and charge you more?  

So where are you planning to travel for your next vacation? Do you have a place to stay yet or are you having a hard time finding a quality and cheap hotel reservation? Well, you can just use “Traveloka” which is a very user-friendly travel app for cheap flight and hotel reservation that my family and friends use now. Good luck and enjoy your hassle free booking starting today.

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