Tips on How to Book Cheaper Flight Tickets via Traveloka App

I love visiting different places from time to time, some might say I have a strong wanderlust or I caught a travel bug. Well for me, I love travelling because I really love seeing new sceneries; also it satisfies my craving to learn something new about every place I went and want to go to.

                          Singapore 2014

Being in love with travelling is challenging and expensive especially for booking flight and hotel reservations. Gladly, I found a one-stop application named Traveloka that helped me get cheaper deals and helped me to track the prices of my ideal travel dates.

                                Trick Eye Museum, Singapore 2016
                                 Singapore Changi Airport, 2015
                                Hongkong Disneyland 2014

Traveloka “App” is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms in Southeast Asia that offers the cheapest hotel and flight rates.

I want to share how you can book cheaper flight deals using this app, so first you need to download Traveloka.

Upon opening the app, tap “Flights” or “International Flights” if you want to book a ticket. You can also check the “Ongoing Promos” if they have available discount codes.

Promo always change in a week so by the time you are reading this, you might encounter a different promo but even without promo you can still book cheap flights. So now we will fill up booking details to see and choose the scheduled flight we want to book.

Once you are done filling up where you want to go, Traveloka App will search for available flights in that day and search for the cheapest up to the most expensive.

Then you can see which flight is most suited for you. As you can see the app lists the flight from cheapest to the most expensive so you won’t miss the cheapest flight, so after filling up our booking details we can use coupon code if we have one from the “Ongoing Promos”. (Can’t take a screenshot of that because it is DRM protected)

Traveloka “App” is equipped with “Price Alerts” function. Choose the flights you want to take in the future and then this feature will notify you if the price is getting lower or higher. Isn’t it great and very convenient for frequent travelers to spot affordable flights.

Here are some of our travel photos:

                                                                    Hongkong Disneyland 2013

                                                                                Venetian Macau 2012

                                                                                    Hongkong 2012

So if you are a person who is not familiar with booking flights, if you are clueless on where to find the best airfare deals with no hidden fees, or want to DIY your travel, this travel app will be for you. By using Traveloka, I didn’t need a travel agency to book for me anymore. I can just use this very user-friendly app and book it for myself and get big discounts also, instead of letting other people who offers services to book for me and charge for it.

                                                                               Traveling to Cebu, 2013

Download the Traveloka App now and find the lowest rate for your next trip…


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