Seriously Addictive Mathematics Franchisees Cite Rewards of Having a Business with a Purpose

Nothing is more fulfilling than owning a business that is not only successful and productive but also transforms lives.

Such is the case of the franchisees of Seriously Addictive Mathematics, the Singaporean Math program which is making a big difference in many parts of the globe, including the Philippines.

An educator and believer of the 21st Century Learning Competencies, Michelle Enriquez has been a franchisee of S.A.M. since March 2017. She narrates that she tried to franchise another math program. But after making her son try the program, she said she was not impressed with the methods and the results. On the one hand, she commends S.A.M. and said it is the real deal and not just a local version of the Singapore Maths’ curriculum. Because in S.A.M, trainers are being personally taught by S.A.M Philippines’s Singaporean Franchise Director, ensuring that trainers practice and understand the true concepts and beliefs of Singapore Math. Michelle believes that Math is an important factor in a student’s academic development and character building because it is something we encounter in our daily lives.

Michelle notes that S.A.M. is highly recommended because, unlike other programs taught in rote, it teaches math by instilling critical thinking and understanding.  When the students understand the “whys” behind abstract math concepts, they appreciate it more.

As an enrichment center, S.A.M. can address specific math difficulties such as word problems, fractions and correct modelling methods. Assessment gives a clear result of what needs to be improved or enriched. This is done by allowing the child to discover for himself, through games and hands on experience, the different mathematical topics.  Carefully-calibrated worksheets are, then, given to the child to bring home- so they can learn to work independently and at their own pace. The take-home work, which runs up to ten pages, only requires 15 to 30 minutes of their time daily. The questions are created in a step up formula. This practice cultivates independence and discipline. More than that, the continuous practice hones the child’s math ability and builds his confidence.

While most of Michelle’s  S.A.M. facility enrollees are between 4 to 12 years old, she says they are open to accepting teens who still can’t figure their way through math. She explains “The reason why they are having difficulties in understanding the different math concepts is because they lack a concrete foundation of  the subject,  With the way the S.A.M. curriculum is created, they go back to the basics of how math should be taught and learned.

Another franchisee, , opened the doors to her S.A.M. facility in Markina in October 2016. She was motivated to franchise S.A.M. when her daughter was able to cope with her struggles with math after learning Singapore Math. She explains: “S.A.M. does not make your child memorize.  We make your child understand the concepts behind the equation. Once they understand, then they will be more confident in facing the math questions and the problems. When the kids are exposed to problem solving, then critical thinking works.”

At S.A.M, concrete materials are used to make learning more engaging and interesting for kids, keeping their attention longer and thus allowing for opportunities to discover abstract concepts by themselves. Coupled with S.A.M’s specially formulated guided practices and lessons by S.A.M trainers, the kids are able have an easier time grasping of difficult math concepts better.

Joni believes that S.A.M. is an important factor in building a student’s academic development and character building. Not only that, mathematics also builds patience, ability to process and decide, boosts a person’s confidence and harnesses creative and critical thinking.

Joni’s S.A.M. center is open on having children older than 12 years old to learn the program. She explains “We have actually assessed children in grade 8 to 10 and sad to say, their scores are very low.  I usually explain to parents that I would still love to have them in S.A.M. because S.A.M. will try to correct their understanding of the basic math concepts.  How can they appreciate algebra, geometry and trigonometry if they have no appreciation of basic math?”

While Joni admits of having her share of challenges, she says that owning a S.A.M. center is a very good business option. Her message to those who want to get into S.A.M: “Isn’t it time you help kids overcome their fear of math? Here at S.A.M, we just don’t think of growing our business. Our main goal is to help both kids and parents grow together in understanding math- and making sure that they carry their learnings as they confront challenges- both in the present and in the future.”

To know more about S.A.M.’s opportunity for franchisees, you may visit their website at and

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