10 Perfect Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

10 Perfect Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

If a special friend or family member of yours is a self-proclaimed foodie, there are some appropriate items that make perfect gifts. These gifts can be given to show your love on birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. Here are some great gifts for a special foodie in your life.

The Newest Cookbook

You can give a cookbook that contains all the latest recipes. This will allow your special foodie to prepare many of the latest food crazes at home. You can shop for cookbooks that contain new-age vegan or organic recipes. There are also cookbooks that feature recipes for creative seafood, kosher and Mexican dishes.

Salt Sampler Set

There are many types of salt, and salt sampler sets make great gifts for anyone who likes experimenting with different flavors. Some of these sets contain smoked salt and classic sea salt. You can also find sets that come with salt flavors like lemon zest, vanilla bean and pinot noir. If the foodie you know likes food on the spicier side, consider ordering a sampler set with a ghost chili salt.

Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate lovers always rejoice when they receive a gift basket featuring some of their favorite chocolates. The Sweet Basket and other online retailers sell baskets that include dark and milk chocolates that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Chocolate-covered nuts and pretzels are also included in certain gift baskets.

Gourmet Meat Set

If the foodie you know has a taste for fresh gourmet meats, you can find gift sets with meats that are not heavily processed and contain no added preservatives. Hand-cut steaks and fresh seafood are always excellent choices. You can also order a set that includes sausages made with elk, venison or buffalo meat.

Artsy Knives

Some cutlery manufacturers have come up with ways to make knives adorned with intricate artistic patterns on their handles and blades. These knives can be used for preparing meals or hung in kitchens for decoration.

Jelly Sampler Set

Jelly goes great on toast and other baked goods, and a jelly sampler set is sure to make your special foodie smile. Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry jellies are included in most sets. You can also find jellies that contain no sugar and are made with all-natural ingredients.

Wine Gift Basket

Wine is often used to accompany the perfect meal, and a wine gift basket will help bring out the flavor in each bite. Gift baskets can include some of the finest red and white wines ever produced as well as dessert wines and champagnes. Some wine gift baskets also come with wine glasses, champagne flutes and bottle openers.

Olive Oil Tasting Kit

These kits make it possible to try different olive oils before using them in certain foods. You can find a kit that contains separate bottles of olive oil and tasting cups that can be used for sampling. Many tasting kits have extra virgin olive oils that have lighter fruity flavors or more powerful and pungent tastes.

Cookie Bouquet

All sorts of cookies can be used to make the perfect cookie bouquet. Online bake shops sell chocolate chip and sugar cookie bouquets that are cleverly arranged to brighten anyone’s day. You can also have a smiley face of an emoji cookie bouquet made for a more unique touch. Stuffed bears and thank you cards are clever additions.

Meal Made by a Private Chef

Getting a private chef to prepare a fresh meal is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for the foodie in your life. You can arrange for this chef to prepare classic in-home meals or more exotic cuisines that will allow your foodie to try something new. The best chefs can also prepare savory desserts to top off a meal.

You can make any foodie’s day more special by giving the most fitting gifts. These gifts allow food lovers to explore their passions further and embark on new culinary adventures.

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