How to Have “You” Time as a Single Parent

As a single parent, your time is often taken up by work, kids, and housework—like a cycle that never seems to end. And while you rarely complain about your exhaustion or stress levels, you should make an effort to have YOU time. How do you have time to yourself when you are a single parent? Read on for suggestions.

Get Your Kids Interested in Their Own Hobbies

When your kids are interested in doing something themselves, they are less likely to be underfoot and in your hair. Sure, it’s great to spend time with your kids and really bond with them. But everyone needs a break from each other sometimes. Encourage your kids to explore their own interests, such as art or music, while you relax with a good book on the couch for a little while.

Take a Moment to Do Something for Yourself

Do you love bubble baths? Or simply love driving around with your radio up and your windows down? It all counts. Whatever you loved to do before you had kids, you probably still love to do after kids. And you should. Take some time for yourself—an hour or so, to really enjoy what you used to do to unwind. Read a magazine, watch some junky television, veg out in front of a video game, book a for-one reservation at one of the best seafood restaurants in Plano, and just be alone and content for a little while.

Ask a Loved One to Babysit for a Few Hours

If this applies, you should definitely ask someone trustworthy to babysit for 2 to3 hours so you can have some YOU time. Grandmothers are notably amazing babysitters most of the time. But be respectful. A few hours means 3-4 hours, not the entire night.

Set Your Clock a Little Ahead, or Stay Up a Little Later

One of the best ways to squeeze some YOU time into your daily routine is setting your clock an hour ahead of when you usually wake up. Or, you can stay up an hour after your kiddos go to bed. Find time in the hectic schedule of your everyday life to get some time to yourself. Kids asleep? Great! Have a glass of wine and clear your mind for a while before bed.

As a single parent, double the responsibilities fall on your shoulders when it comes to your kids. However, YOU time is a MUST for your sanity and good health, so don’t be afraid to do something for yourself once in a while.

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