Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas at The Metro Stores

Christmas day is fast approaching and everybody seems to be busy with all the Christmas preparations. No matter how busy we may be from our daily obligations, when it comes to Christmas party planning and other Holiday Season related events or activities, surely we spare our time and energy to do the tasks that are expected from us, especially when we are preparing it for our friends and loved ones, right?

Of course, when we talk about Christmas season, we automatically associate it with giving (and receiving, too!) and gifts. And speaking of gifts, like others, I am spending much of my time contemplating on the perfect gifts for my daughter, her teachers, her friends and for my family and friends, as well. I am just glad that I am able to visit The Metro Department Store nearest my home.

Here I found perfect gift items for each important person that I intend to share my blessings with through ideal gifts that I am sure they will certainly love. What I also love about these gift ideas of The Metro is that most of them are already wrapped in a box (some already have ribbons on them) and that I don’t have to worry about the wrapping thing as I only need to fill up the To and From gift card attached to it, what a convenience! Now I can expend my valuable time to others things that I need to attend to.

Anyway, here are some of the gift items I found at The Metro that are less than P200! Yes, you read it right, ladies – less than P200.00!

Refreshing spa sets with price tags ranging from P99.00 to P200.00.

Among all the spa sets, this one is my favorite – the Magical Garden Collection which comes with a shower gel gel and body lotion priced at P179.00. The packaging looks so posh and classy perfect for your kikay friends or your child’s teachers. Who would have thought that this is priced below P200.00, right?

I also liked and bought this Microfiber Hair Wrap for P99.00 which I’ll give to my girl friends. This comes in different colors – yellw, blue, white, green, etc.

They have a Gifts to Go section where you can see these items on display which are also wrapped and ready for gift-giving. This ladies wallet costs P199.00 each and the shawl (white one) is P179.00.

An elegant necktie set for your dad  or your boss.

Fashion accessories for the cute little girls – ponytail set is P99.00, headband gift set is P149.00. I’ve got these for Keisha’s classmates and friends.

Since my husband and I have numerous godchildren, nephews and nieces, I focused more on the kids section and found so many great deals too!

There were lots of red and polka dots outfit for the little girls which are all priced below P500.00.
There are also racks on sale priced for as low as P200.00
Boys’ outfits are on 50% off

Here are the toys that caught my attention:

This set is something I know kids’ would love to receive. This pack of Play-Doh contains 4 tubs of clay in different colors. There are so sulit with its price tag of P100.00.

Another Play Doh set priced at P139.75.


Super Robot priced at P499.99, regular price is P999.00. What a steal, right?

Jade Snake Blazing Teens ( P250.00, regular price is P499.75)

Baby Alive dolls are on sale for P800.00

Shopkins (from P1199.75 to P850.00)

Air-dry clay (on sale for P500.00, original price is P799.75)

The Metro Stores also has Holiday Bundles for their appliances.


In addition, big discount items are also up for grab such as:

50% off on select Secosana Bags

40% off on select Michaela Shoes

Now, you can save much of your time ticking off your Christmas shopping list at The Metro Stores and spend a quality time with your family and friends during this Yuletide season instead.

For more details and for you to become updated of the latest Christmas promos, you can follow The Metro Stores on Facebook or you may visit their official website at


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  1. John
    December 29, 2017 / 1:41 pm

    Well i do agreed its a christmas Month and i have also shared my shopping experience in Metro department stores with Hong kong twitter and arabic retweets buy links,I had a wonderfull experience while travelling & buying gifts for my family and freinds.

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